My first attempt at installing Qubes brought up a dialog indicating AMD-Vi and 
interrupt remapping wasn't available. I know my hardware supports the necessary 
virtualization extensions (AMD FX-8120 on a 990FX mobo), so further 
investigation suggested that the bios was probably buggy.

I updated the bios but still no luck, so I tried a manual procedure as 
described at [1]: I ran a recent live linux distro from a USB key and confirmed 
that interrupt remapping was disabled by default due to this BIOS bug. I then 
figured out the IOMMU and SMBus addresses using the described procedure and 
managed to get the live linux to boot with interrupt remapping and 
virtualization enabled as reported by dmesg.

I tried the same ivrs_ioapic mapping procedure for the Qubes installer, but it 
still raises that dialog saying no interrupt remapping, AMD-Vi, etc. Running 
dmesg in the Qubes installer console reports only that IOMMUv2 is not 
available, which the live linux also reported, but no other errors. The dmesg 
output is a little different though, so perhaps I missed something.

Any suggestions on what to do next?


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