Installation went fine except for a libxenlight config error of some kind. I 
still can't enable IOMMU using either of the approaches described in that 
Ubuntu thread, even though it successfully worked with raw Linux.

What boot parameters did you add? I have the earlier rev.1 Sabertooth 990FX 
mobo that you have.

I'm not sure there's much advantage in sticking to Qubes without the hardware 
acceleration over a Linux distro I'm more familiar with that has virtualization 
working. I can just use accelerated VirtualBox instead of accepting the PV 
overheads for the workflows I have in mind, but I'd definitely like to use 
Qubes if I can get this working.


On Monday, 1 October 2018 13:26:41 UTC-4, Sergio Matta  wrote:
> Are you suggesting I just proceed with the installation regardless and try to 
> set these parameters in the grub booting config after I get up and running?
> > 
> > Sandro
> > 
> Yes! And even if iommu does not works, you will be able to use Qubes 4 VM as 
> PV. Networking will need to set up by hand and save those commands in files 
> to start it automatically.
> You will have time to solve it or buy another motherboard. Mine is a US$150 
> used sabertooth 990fx rev.2

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