On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 01:26:11AM +0300, Simon Rönnqvist wrote:
> On Oct 8, 2008, at 01:10 , Josh French wrote:
>> To allow mod_rewrite, add this to your apache conf:
>> RailsAllowModRewrite on
>   SInce we're talking Dreamhost here... editing apache.conf can't be
> done (unless they provide some kind of smart Dreamhostish workaround for
> it that I am unaware of). Not even with the Dreamhost PS (Private
> Server) service you have root access to your server.

You have to ask DH to turn it on for you.

>   From one thing to another. A couple of questions occurred to me:
> Does using the multisite extension provide any benefit when it comes to
> performance, when using mod_rails? Or does it just affect how you
> maintain the site?

Good question. For me it's an issue of making it easy for my client to
update her own site. Without doing any measurement, i.e. speculating, it
seems to me that the memory footprint would be smaller.

> And the same thing about this: Does deploying several 'unpacked' Radiant
> installations performancewise have any downsides as opposed to using
> Radiant as a gem (sharing more code in between the installations), here
> too using mod_rails. I guess the same kind of logic applies for using
> Rails from the vendor-directory vs. not doing that, too.

Good question. If I were doing multiple Radiant instances in the DH
account I would use the local gem **if** I were expecting to eventually
upgrade Radiant for all instances simultaneously.

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