Asfand Yar Qazi said the following on 11/23/2009 07:17 AM:
> 2009/11/22 Anton Aylward <>:
>> Asfand Yar Qazi said the following on 11/22/2009 10:10 AM:
>>> 2009/11/21 Anton Aylward <>:
>> I'm a strong believer in simplification, and one of the axioms is "Each
>> Thing Does One Thing and Only One Thing".  Overloading a single engine
>> to do all you want sounds like a recipe for disaster.
> Well, I'm not really overloading a single engine.  The radiant engine
> will only manage blogs and articles.  That is kind of what it is
> designed for, I'd assume - dealing with articles and presenting them
> in some format accessible by a menu hierarchy.  The separate forum
> software (whatever it is) will manage the forums.  If the client wants
> something else added in the future, like a video presenting
> application, obviously that would be its own app.

First:  I don't mean 'overload' in the sense of 'give it so much work it
collapses'.  Ruby, as it is now, may not be the most efficient of
interpreters, but any reasonable server will be available to handle a
few hundred transactions a minute :-)  The Pickaxe book talks about
scaling in very basic ways and Radiant has some excellent caching

No, I meant 'overloading' in the management sense.  "Do one thing..."
If anything kills a project its complexity.

And I don't know where you get off slagging the excellent work by the
various contributors to Radiant by implying its not as capable of being
a forum engine as a blogging engine.  And yes, there are plugins to
handle video too.

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