Am Wed, 24 Jun 2009 14:16:38 +0100 schrieb Chris Withers:

> Jens W. Klein wrote:
>> Missing is a version fixation like done in ZTK, Grok, Plone, ... I'd
>> really like to see such a version.cfg for each repoze release. Creation
>> could be automated.
> Why don't you just replace find-links with index?

Because it sucks if you have to use other packages not in this special 
'private' index. I found a way to mix two "index =" in one buildout, but 
its really a PITA. I'd really prefer to have a version.cfg. As said its 
not difficult to create such a thing from the data found in the private 
index (version info in there).

> Also, how do you wire running tests, particularly running them with
> nose, into this?

i didnt try to use nose for my tests, i stuck to zc.recipe.testrunner for 
the moment. yes, i'd like to learn how to use nose in this context, but 
didnt found time.

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