Hi Shane,
> z...@kevinkal.com wrote:
>>   I've become a big fan of pip.  The --freeze option is great.  It 
>> seems that it lets you pin your versions all the way down.  I'm just 
>> watching all of the pain with certain buildout recipes where I could 
>> imagine them easier to create if the person creating the recipe had 
>> the possibility to pin every version easily.
> I'm not very familiar with pip,
pip, I don't think is a competator for buildout, but an alternative for 
> but I don't think that's an issue for Buildout.  Buildout also has the 
> ability to pin the version of all packages, but I don't think that's 
> what Jens and I want in this case.
> We want an authority to provide a regularly updated list of Repoze 
> package versions known to probably work together.  Thankfully, the BFG 
> index is serving that purpose, 
Ok,  I may have missed the main point of this thread, but ... :-)
> except that it's not easy to combine that list with the rest of PyPI.  
I thought it was more about this - which pip can help with.   "bin/pip 
--freeze" produces a list of all eggs in pip's path.  One could do a 
"pip --freeze > versions.cfg"

There is a buildout recipe that uses pip - 
http://pypi.python.org/pypi/gp.recipe.pip .d

> I think the problem would be solved if that index took the form of a 
> versions.cfg (auto-generated would be fine).
> Shane

Again - I'm not sure how far off the point I am with this thread,  but 
when I see buildout mentioned I think of the serious troubles I have had 
with certain popular recipes and wish that the help with pinning that 
pip brings to the table would be taken advantage of. 


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