On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 08:18:18PM -0700, Mike Kupfer wrote:
> dep>   One of the problems is that we have no good way to measure the
> dep>   quality of their mentoring.
> I think the idea was to treat the level-3 folks as interns, similar to
> the way new ARC members are brought on board.
> It's been several years since I was on LSARC, but (IIRC) the way we
> handled it was that every case got assigned a regular ARC member as the
> owner, whether or not there was an intern.  If there was an intern, the
> intern did most of the work.  But the owner got cc'd on all the email.
> Would something like that be sufficient to address your concerns here?

  If the "owner" is the one primarily responsible for communicating
  with the contributor, yes.  I think this would work fine.

  If the "intern" handles communication and the "owner" is just an
  observer, no.  (I enumerated the problems I see with such an
  arrangement a few mails back.)


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