On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 01:30:00PM -0600, Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> So I think we have cycled back to where we started and where we
> currently are: two tiers of sponsors with requirements for both tiers.
> If we leave the current program alone and don't open it up, how do we
> address the problem of requests not getting picked up in a reasonable
> amount of time?

  Firstly, the pool of eligible tier-2 sponsors is a *lot* larger than
  our current set of tier-2 sponsors.  One thing to consider is more
  active recruitment.

  Secondly, I think the proposal that Mike Kupfer had -- subject to the
  constraint I placed in the other branch of this conversation -- would
  work fine.  To be clear, the tier-1/2 "owner" would the primary
  contact for the contributor, and the tier-3 "intern" would act mostly
  as an observer and would handle the internal mechanics (building,
  testing, putting back).  I realize this doesn't offload all the
  owner's work, but you simply cannot do that and have a system which
  works.  It should offload *enough* of the work -- the vast majority
  in most cases -- to encourage greater involvement from the sponsors
  we do have.

  Mike and I have talked this over, and I think we're in agreement


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