>> So why not start a community around Resin-Quercus that focuses the
>> following topics:
>>  - Making the most common php-based applications 100% work (e.q.  
>> Joomla!
>> is on the first sight but isn't at all)
>>  - Making the most used Pear scripts work with Quercus
>>  - Patching still buggy built-in functions and ship them in a  
>> serperate
>> contribution (it is possible to patch them without touching the core
>> Quercus code)
>>  - Providing community specific resources like how-tos, forums, etc.
> For the begining it would be even great to have just a place to  
> "report" where do people use Quercus, how do they use it and what
> tricks were required to make it work.

We have a Quercus specific forum recently set up here:

I think it is a good idea to build a community as proposed.
We are currently working through many PHP applications ourselves and
fixing any issues we encounter.  We also gladly accept patches and we
can apply those to the source.

They can be attached to bug reports:

> This sounds good, but I'm not sure at what degree is the Resin team
> interested in a community since maybe they want to sell this as  
> consulting (just guessing).

Actually, as a company, we made a deliberate decision not to become a
consulting company.  Our realization was that if we were a consulting
company, then the motivation would be to make a product that sold
consulting work, and that could have a negative impact on the  quality
of the product.

We do have partnerships with other companies for situations where  we
are asked about providing consulting services:

We also have various support options:

But again, our focus is not on support as a major offering because  that
would detract from our focus on making a better product.  Our focus  for
support is providing help for unusual situations and people who  need to
know that they can get our advice and help when they need it.  We also
have some long standing relationships that we have developed through
support and we find that to be extremely valuable in helping us
determine how to improve Resin.

Take care,

-- Sam

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