Sam wrote:
> Actually, as a company, we made a deliberate decision not to become a
> consulting company.  Our realization was that if we were a consulting
> company, then the motivation would be to make a product that sold
> consulting work, and that could have a negative impact on the  quality
> of the product.
> We do have partnerships with other companies for situations where  we
> are asked about providing consulting services:
> We also have various support options:
> But again, our focus is not on support as a major offering because  that
> would detract from our focus on making a better product.  Our focus  for
> support is providing help for unusual situations and people who  need to
> know that they can get our advice and help when they need it.  We also
> have some long standing relationships that we have developed through
> support and we find that to be extremely valuable in helping us
> determine how to improve Resin.

Makes one wonder... they are deliberately not selling consulting, not 
pushing support, and the product has no licensing fees.  Are they 
deliberately trying to go out of business?


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