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> Hi,
>> Why use Apache at all?
> there's more than one reason. Serving different sites/services on  
> the same
> server, not all can be served by resin for various reasons:

These are the typical reasons.  If you're running a specific Apache  
module (like mod_perl) or running several different kinds of backends,  
or prefer the logging, or mod_rewrite works better for you than  
Resin's rewrite-dispatch, then Apache can be a good choice.

But it doesn't usually make sense to use Apache just as a plain web- 
server in front of Resin, especially if you're dispatching most of the  
requests to Resin anyway.

We have been toying with the idea of spending more time on our  
HttpProxy and FastCgiProxy to let people use Resin as a frontend for  
things like Ruby or other servers, but really aren't sure what the  
priority should be.  Of course, requests for rewrite-dispatch and  
admin/log improvements are always welcome (just add a bug report with  
the request.)

-- Scott

> a) Rewriting Service:
> mod_rewrite has no real pendent
> b) Different Servlet-Containers on port 80:
> There are a couple of services which just wont run under resin (my  
> favorite is
> TeamCity which runs on a Tomcat instance because of that).
> c) PHP
> Not everything's running with resin and there are some projects out  
> there which
> just need the Apache-PHP plugin
> d) Different resin-instances on port 80:
> I don't want my TestEnvironment interfere with Live Services when a  
> restart of
> the container is necessary.
> Apache is a nice and powerful software to combine these different  
> aspects all.
> Best regards, --- Jan.
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