> a)  The rewriting in resin is pretty good, its all regex, just like any
> other rewrite.  You may have to learn some new stuff, but that kind of
> how IT works :)

the rewriting in resin has it's limits - at least the last time I tried (I
actually wrote to this list to get a replacement in 2007 - and was directed back
to mod_rewrite!). mod_rewrite is pretty powerful.

> b)  You can do this with resin vhosts as well, either ip based or ipless.

You may have overlooked that I was talking about resin _not_ able to server as a
servlet container for TeamCity, so I have to hook in TomCat.

> c)  You can also do this with resin :)  http://quercus.caucho.com/

No, you can't. And I don't want to bother about complaints of the 'normal'
php-hacker serving low-traffic sites...

> d) Same thing, but if you use a virtualization product its a no brainer
> to clone production instances for QA on the same hardware.

I don't argue virtualization can be your friend. But handling all more servers
doesn't always make your life easier! As long as one server happily fullfills
the needs I wont go that road.

--- Jan

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