SK Suh wrote:
> Am shopping for a DAT drive replacement for our aging Dynatek DDS-1
> (or -2?) unit for archival use. This DAT would be attached to an
> older beige Power Macintosh G3 and would be writing data from a local
> hard drive, not over the network.
> Ideally I'd like to be able to utilize newer, faster and
> higher-capacity media while retaining backwards read/write capability
> with our massive library of 60 and 90 metre DAT media.
> Would DDS-4 be worthwhile despite the price, higher media costs and
> limited backwards compatibility, especially given its improved
> performance? Otherwise, would it make more sense to consider a proven
> DDS-3 solution?

DDS-4. I'd suggest getting rid of the 60-Meter tapes and re-writing the
data onto longer tapes. Are you keeping the catalogs as well as the
tapes? Are these tapes archives or backups?

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