I haven't really been following the thread in a long time... But i did
notice retrospect client is not valible for Unix (Linux) plattform.

Are there anyone out there using the cool Cobalt servers? I have looked
into the NASRaQ, Network Area Storage, in a rack format, to use as a
fileserver in a mac + pc shared network.

I think it's a shame Apple doesn't supply us with servers in standard 19"
rack format... I mean, we don't have alot of space at the office but we
could get ten of these Cobalts and they take up hardley no space at all but
still do the work!

I've also looked at a PC solution (Dell, PowerEdge rack format) and a Mac
solution (G4).



When it comes to back-up, can we sync these with the rest of the clients
that are using Retrospect. In a PC / Mac solution I know there would be no
problem using our existing backup server...

There is a SCSI socket at the back on the Cobalts...

thanx for any input or advice,

/ jakob

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