At 9:08 AM +0100 3/7/00, jakob krabbe wrote:

>I haven't really been following the thread in a long time... But i did
>notice retrospect client is not valible for Unix (Linux) plattform.
>Are there anyone out there using the cool Cobalt servers? I have looked
>into the NASRaQ, Network Area Storage, in a rack format, to use as a
>fileserver in a mac + pc shared network.

        You bet, I have an installed base numbering in the 40s. They 
work really well and even though there is no Retrospect Client (yet) 
I have been able to back them up by mounting the directories on the 
backup server and backing them up from there.

        I expect that since OS X Server and OS X are based on 
Unix-like kernels that there will probably be a Linux/Unix compatible 
Retrospect Client sometime in the not to distant future.

>I think it's a shame Apple doesn't supply us with servers in standard 19"
>rack format... I mean, we don't have alot of space at the office but we
>could get ten of these Cobalts and they take up hardley no space at all but
>still do the work!

        There are a few companies that do conversions of desktop 
servers into rack mounted servers. I saw one that will convert an 
iMac into a 1u rackmountable case. I wish I could remember the name 
because I would think about buying a few.

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