Check out:


They have a variety of Mac rackmount solutions.  Possibly one of the best ones is the 
iMac conversion that compresses everything into 1u of rackspace.  Hmm - running OS X 
Server or Yellow Dog Linux would make for a pretty effective server cluster that would 
take up practically no space at all.


Erik Ableson

On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 07:35:09AM -0500, Harry Mueller wrote:
> At 9:08 AM +0100 3/7/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
> >I think it's a shame Apple doesn't supply us with servers in standard 19"
> >rack format... I mean, we don't have alot of space at the office but we
> >could get ten of these Cobalts and they take up hardley no space at all but
> >still do the work!
>       There are a few companies that do conversions of desktop 
> servers into rack mounted servers. I saw one that will convert an 
> iMac into a 1u rackmountable case. I wish I could remember the name 
> because I would think about buying a few.

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