This is slightley OT but I'm not the one to judge. In respect to this list
and if listmom want us to, we'll go private.


>       You bet, I have an installed base numbering in the 40s. They 
>work really well and even though there is no Retrospect Client (yet) 
>I have been able to back them up by mounting the directories on the 
>backup server and backing them up from there.

After sending my first mail this came to my thought. The most important for
me if is our network WORKS not if the backup takes three or six hours.

Mounting the volumes at start seemed like a working solution.


In case of a failiour, how does these (Cobalt) machines REALLY work? I
mean, is it easy to remove / change / upgrade the harddrives? Just in case
of the expecting(?) diskcrash... ;-) Same with RAM.

Crashing drives... that's my worst fear. On the mac and pc I know how to
deal with it... sort of... but on a closed unix server with no screen...!?

Crashes aren't *that* common, it's just when they come they truely stink!

What about your 40 servers, have you had any failing drives?


/ jakob

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