SK Suh wrote:
> At 8:35 PM -0800 03/06/2000, Chuck Hornish wrote:
> >I'd suggest getting rid of the 60-Meter tapes and re-writing the
> >data onto longer tapes. Are you keeping the catalogs as well as the
> >tapes? Are these tapes archives or backups?
> We would hopefully be keeping old catalogs and 60/90 metre tapes, as
> they're completed (archived) jobs from years gone by.
> There's no need to write to the ancient 60 metre tapes, but being
> able to write to the 90 metre tapes would be an asset.

We have a Sony DDS-4 which can write to 90-meter tapes, but not the
60-meter variety. The backup speed is nothing short of phenominal. It is
best to use the 150-meter DDS-4 tapes which give a 40GB capacity. Highly
recommend this drive.

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