Hello --

We're having a hard time configuring ReviewBoard for use with Git
repositories managed by gitlolite.  One of the issues we see is that
ReviewBoard executes a command like:

> $ git ls-remote g...@git.mydomain.com/gitolite HEAD
> fatal: 'g...@git.mydomain.com/gitolite' does not appear to be a git repository
> fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

It seems that it should be doing this instead:

> $ git ls-remote g...@git.mydomain.com:gitolite.git HEAD
> bfb7d1766371452f117a96ccd689892855107cae      HEAD

Is this a supported configuration in gitolite?  Is there something
that we've set up incorrectly?

When adding a repository, we've tried the following:

> path: ssh://g...@git.mydomain.com/gitolite.git
> path: ssh://g...@git.mydomain.com:gitolite.git
> path: g...@git.mydomain.com/gitolite.git
> path: g...@git.mydomain.com:gitolite.git

None of these seem to work.  Any help is appreciated.


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