On Nov 4, 11:16 am, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> SSH is supposed to work. We use it (for repo verification, though you still
> need the cgit, etc. method for getting files).
> You'd need to go into RB and generate a new SSH key and then configure it
> for access on the git server. Should in theory work then.

Hi Christian et al -- thanks for the responses.

Note that this isn't an issue with the SSH keys -- that part works
fine.  We've tried both using pre-existing keys and letting
ReviewBoard create its own.  Both work.  The issue is when the "git ls-
remote" command is issued.

path = "ssh://g...@mydomain.com/gitolite.git"  => "A repository was not
found at the specified path."
path = "ssh://g...@mydomain.com:gitolite.git"  => "(-2, 'Name or
service not known')"

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