On Thu, 2015-01-08 at 17:41 -0800, Justin Palmer wrote:
> I started with:
> $ yum install httpd mod_wsgi postgresql-server ReviewBoard
> $ service postgresql initdb
> $ service postgresql start
> $ createdb reviewboard
> $ createuser -P
> $ psql... grant all...
> $ rb-site install...
> $ chown -R...
> $ echo "Include apache-wsgi.conf" >> httpd.conf
> $ service httpd start
> When this didn't work and I realized it isn't kept up-to-date, I went
> the easy_install route.

Umm, what do you mean by "didn't work" and "isn't kept up to date"?

I maintain the EPEL 7 packages for ReviewBoard and generally release
updated versions into the epel-testing repository within 48 hours of the
upstream release (in the case of 2.0.12, it was within 12 hours).

I'd love to know what was not working, so I can fix it... This really
*should* be the preferred way to run Review Board on RHEL/CentOS 7.

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