Jeremy White wrote:

> I believe Dr. Kirby has been nothing but gracious and respectful
> of Shane's work.
> Read this from the opening screen of ChessDB:
>   ChessDB is based on Scid -
>   but has new features, enhancements and bug-fixes.
>   More than 90% of ChessDB's code comes from Scid.
>   The main author of Scid was Shane Hudson.
>   Shane is NOT responsible for any bugs in ChessDB
> Note the *last* line.  *That* is the kindest gift we can
> give to Shane; acknowledge his work, but pin none of our
> faults on him.  Similarly, changing the notices from scid to ChessDB
> is a courtesy not an insult.
> Cheers,
> Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy.

I guess Pascal prefers his code instead (see below), where it says:

"Shane is NOT reponsible for bugs in Scid"

Looking at the exact same lines of the source code are interesting, as 
Pascal's code has the same mis-spelling as me and has capitalised NOT 
the same as I did.

append str "Shane is NOT reponsible for bugs in Scid\n\n"
append str "Shane is NOT reponsible for bugs in ChessDB\n\n"

Very odd, how we both mis-spelt the same word and both capitalised NOT. 
I could almost be excused for thinking that line was taken from ChessDB 
and the word ChessDB changed to Scid, complete with my spelling error!!!

All the best.

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