Jerry, thx for the well thought comments.

> Further, I started out feeling that you had proposed a good feature;
> Dr. Kirby wrote a response that persuaded me that it was not appropriate
> for ChessDB.

That´s an important point. ChessDB follows the "intentions" (in my view at 
least) of scid more closely. Don´t get me wrong: The tactical stuff you do is 
just great, but it is something not clearly in line with a pure database 
Scid has no interface for FICS/ICC for a cause!

My feeling is, that tactical training and all that stuff were perfect as 
plugins more or less independent of chessdb/scid core, if a plugin architecture 
were developed. 

Because of that I would feel the takover of the _name_ "scid" as inappropriate 
given the direction  you extend scid in. Respect for Shane´s goals with scid 
should mandate a name change for such extensions.

My 2 Eurocents

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