Link on Index References in PDF

2007-06-27 Thread
This is my first time creating an index in FrameMaker in over 10 years, so I'm a bit out of touch. The last time I had to do this, we just printed the manual; we didn't publish it as a PDF. Now I've discovered that when I have a "see" or "see also" reference in my index, the PDF version of the

Link on Index References in PDF

2007-06-29 Thread
Yes, I did download a trial version and I've finished taking it for a spin. It does exactly what I needed. Sundorne Communications has another happy customer! Fei Min AMI Semiconductor - "Silicon Solutions for the Real World" NOTICE: This electronic message contains information that may be

I'm impressed with Adobe

2007-09-17 Thread
Fred Ridder wrote on 09/17/2007 02:33:04 PM: > ... But if you look at some of the data that is available in > the investor relations part of the Adobe website, the reason > seems pretty clear. According to these figures, the category > of Adobe products called "Other", which includes among a >

Adobe FrameMaker Wish List

2007-09-21 Thread
I just found this yesterday and thought I'd share it with everyone in case other people don't know it's there: You have to have an account with Adobe, but since you're all FrameMaker users I don't think that should be a problem. Fei Min

IXgen with Structured FrameMaker?

2008-12-03 Thread
Hi Jennifer: I haven't seen anyone reply to this, so here's my two cents. I gave IXGen a try on structured FrameMaker (7.2) last year and couldn't get anything useful out of it. Here's a copy of my posting to the FrameSGML (Adobe FrameMaker Structured Applications) discussion list, May 28,

Source Control for Frame

2008-12-10 Thread
I agree with Mike. We use CVS with our FrameMaker files. Although it is a bit annoying that FrameMaker thinks it's changed when it often hasn't, and CVS can't tell the difference, the source control system is still extremely useful for all the reasons that Mike gave below. We also find the

PDF-ing FM files under SVN

2008-12-15 Thread
Hi Bodvar: Actually, I do save my PDFs in the repository because that's part of our configuration management. Since the PDF files are part of the deliverable product, they get the same tag as the software files so that if we need to re-create a deliverable, we can retrieve them from the tag.

OT: correct symbol to use

2008-12-17 Thread
Hi Alan: Do you mean 1(a) to 1(c)? If so, I would write out the word "to". The "-" looks too much like a minus sign, and there's enough of a mix of words, numbers, parentheses and letters in there to discourage using another symbol that readers have to interpret. If you must use a symbol, I

Scripting pulling FM files from version control and creating PDFs

2008-02-21 Thread
Hi Linda: I'm doing something similar except I haven't got the version control system part yet. I'm assured by the software guys that I can do this. We're using the Python scripting language and the FDK. As for generating PDFs, we had that bad link problem unless we used the "Create Named

third-party or Frame tools for doc review/collaboration

2008-01-07 Thread
Hi Matthew: I'm using a tool that WebWorks used to sell called FinalDraft. Unfortunately, they're no longer selling it, so it won't help you. I just wanted to ask someone out there to develop a review tool like it because it has some significant advantages over the FrameMaker-track-changes and

Unwanted re-ordering of files in booked publications

2008-03-04 Thread
Hi Rob: I've had the same problem but it's because when I open a file by double-clicking on it, I accidentally move the mouse and drag it below the following file. It doesn't take more than a little movement sometimes. It's not clear to me whether the same thing is happening to you; are they

Automatically inserting "blank page" text

2008-03-17 Thread
I have some unstructured manuals and if there is a blank page at the end of a chapter (because we want all the chapters to begin on a right-hand page), we put "This page left blank for printing purposes." Right now I'm manually deciding when the text should appear (meaning I have to look for a

Automatically inserting "blank page" text

2008-03-17 Thread
Thanks for the suggestion, Shlomo; I gave it a try. For any table, I use an AnchorPara style for a tiny paragraph to hold the table anchor. I put AnchorPara in the Reference Page mapping table and told it to use the LeftRegular master page for the Left-Hand Master Page, and gave it a Range

Automatically inserting "blank page" text

2008-03-18 Thread
Never mind. I figured out that when I have a row in the mapping table for any paragraph, I should specify both the Right-hand and Left-hand master page. I've done that and now everything is working. I've mapped AnchorPara, Body, Heading1 and the chapter title paragraph styles in that order,

Structure to non-structure.

2008-05-02 Thread
Hi Harold: I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but can't you generate a non-structured TOC and index even from a structured document? That's what I have. My TOC is based on paragraph styles, not elements, and your structured document still uses those. And although I'm using structured

What is a text inset?

2008-05-02 Thread
Hi Neeraj: I'll answer this one because I'm working with text insets currently, so they're on my mind. A text inset is different from a text frame. It is text that resides in a separate file and can be used in one or more FrameMaker files. You insert the text inset by placing your cursor in

Framemaker Uses

2008-05-08 Thread
Hi Deirdre: No one's mentioned this yet, so I'll add for all the single-sourcing people out there that FrameMaker is wonderful for writing things once and using it many times. Whether you're using conditional text and variables so that some stuff only shows up in certain flavours of manuals,

Convert XML to FM8

2008-09-10 Thread
Hi Eva: Sorry I don't have time to answer all your questions, but there are lots of better-qualified people on this list who can help you out. My suggestions for more information are: The Scriptorium wiki: Scriptorium is generally a good source of

What is the purpose of round-tripping Structured Framemaker and XML

2008-09-11 Thread
Hi Celine: I round-trip to XML and I don't translate. I do it for a few reasons: Some of my SMEs don't like to work in a WYSIWYG environment, so I convert the chapters to XML and they can use their favourite editor. That also meant I didn't have to buy them a FrameMaker license. Some of our

File Comparison Tool

2008-09-17 Thread
Hi Shmuel: Beyond Compare 3 converts a PDF to text and compares the text. I've heard that it does a better job than Acrobat's comparison tool, which has a tendency to hang and shows you irrelevant things like different page numbers. I've used Acrobat's comparison tool and it can get confused

Some PDF Links Not Working

2006-04-19 Thread
I'm using FrameMaker 7.2p158, Distiller 6.0.0 5/15/2003, and Windows XP. We recently noticed that a lot of the cross-references in FrameMaker didn't translate into working links in the PDF. I use Save As... to turn it into a PDF. When you put the cursor over the link, it changes to a pointing

batch processing of large numbers of text files?

2007-08-31 Thread
Hi Ben: I've been using Python to manipulate XML files, and it's free and friendly. Well, I sit with a lot of professional programmers, so I have help, but they assure me that it's a wonderful scripting language compared to many others. Did I mention that it's free? Here's the download site:

Any beta testers yet of FrameMaker 8?

2007-07-08 Thread
Yes, I've been able to download a copy. I sent an email to this address: Framemaker-beta at If that's what you did, try my contact: Aseem Dokania (aseem at He's the FrameMaker Product Manager. Fei Min Fei Min Lorente Senior