[Freedos-devel] MODE/MODECON update: shifts, switchar, lines

2004-02-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have updated the new MODE with builtin codepage things: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/ mode-modecon-02feb2004.zip You can now use it to change NUMLOCK / CAPSLOCK / SCROLLLOCK / SWITCHAR, which is a feature inspired by classic FreeDOS MODE. I hope it actually works

[Freedos-devel] New CPULEVEL tiny (2.2k) CPUID tool released

2004-02-02 Thread Eric Auer
. Some URLs: http://www.liaokai.com/softw_en/test.htm http://cyberia.dnsalias.com/Cyb.11.Htm - ftp://cyberia.dnsalias.com/pub/filebase/utils/CPUID112.ZIP (only 28k zip) My new small program (written in NASM, public domain) displays this: C:\HOME\RAMDISKcpulevel CPULEVEL - public domain by Eric

[Freedos-devel] CPULEVEL URL...

2004-02-02 Thread Eric Auer
Argh... forgot the URL! http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/ cpulevel.zip download: 7k source: 500 lines NASM (most of them comments :-)) binary: 2.2k com C:\HOME\RAMDISKcpulevel CPULEVEL - public domain by Eric Auer 2004 CPU brand is AuthenticAMD / CPU is family 5 model 8

[Freedos-devel] FORMAT 0.91o released - Win9x and speed improvements

2004-02-02 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, not that I would not have other things that I would be more keen on, but did yet again some more FORMAT updates tonight. Check http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/ format-0.91o.zip (136136 bytes)... Changes: - progress indicator for scanning of existing FAT

[Freedos-devel] re: [test] blocked email

2004-02-06 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, the thing with your network address is blacklisted happens because some providers - including mine! - tend to block IP ranges where many computers have trojans and are misused to forward spam. So if you are trying to mail me and your mail bounces with some error message from some

[Freedos-devel] re: merge lbacache and cdrcahe

2004-02-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Gerald! I'm a brazilian user of freedos and I use lbacache and cdrcache in my config.sys. Is it possible merge lbacache and cdrcache in only one driver like smartdrive? Well... it is not completely impossible, BUT... - harddisks / floppies use 0.5k sector size, while CD-ROM uses 2k

[Freedos-devel] re: Executable compression

2004-02-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, I think it would feel more open to use the open source (weaker compression) UPX variants. However, I do not think that it is imperative that GPL software must be compiled with compilers which are open source themselves. It does help a lot to use at least free compilers (i.e. not TASM /

[Freedos-devel] re:Re: GPL and other licenses

2004-02-13 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, even if PKZIP causes problems, Info-ZIP (our default zip and unzip should be fine. Only RAR is strange. And indeed, I think only unrar is free, but rar is not. Whatever. I only use tar + zip (if tar, then compressed by either gzip or bzip2), which are all open. When the exepacker discussion

[Freedos-devel] DJGPP users: upload DOS binary of SVGATextMode please

2004-02-15 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, could somebody with DJGPP around provide us with a binary of SVGATextMode 1.10 (stm,exe)? I just updated my Linux binary by downloading the binary tgz (blush)... http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/utils/console/ When reading the documentation, I found out that you can even compile it for DOS!

[Freedos-devel] re: Last Hello!

2004-02-16 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, if you have been wondering why and why curses us: It is Sandul Yura who has offered us 6 FreePascal and 25 Q-Basic programs on first of November. We had the problem that there is no Q-Basic for FreeDOS but I do not remember what was wrong with the Pascal programs. Programs were: ANSI

[Freedos-devel] PG 1.08 binary online

2004-02-16 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I re-packaged PG 1.08 in FreeDOS package style (standard directory tree) and added a binary. Please check my changes to PG.MAK and PG.H to make this possible. In particular, I removed the pathspec for the plugin and manpage directories. Bad thing, because functions will just fail SILENTLY if

[Freedos-devel] re: Microsoft source code

2004-02-16 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I fully agree - do not look at MS sources. Otherwise you risk legal problems like your stuff is only compatible because you stole the code!. I hear that most of MS DOS 6.00 (not the 3rd party things) and 3.30 are out there. And this new thing which seems to unzip to 0.6 - 2 GB of code from

[Freedos-devel] re: A question about FAT32 L of FreeDOS

2004-02-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, if you ran FORMAT 0.91o in Win kernel, most differences between FreeDOS and Win kernel should no longer cause problems. But obviously SOMETHING does cause problems: I got problem reports / details which look like at some point the root directory gets accessed at a sector BEFORE the FATs (just

[Freedos-devel] Suggestions for a richer floppy distro

2004-02-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, please read my reply to a request for comments, uhm, for floppies, and comment: http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/viewfaq.cgi?faq=incoming/202 I think a 720k+X binaries+help/config/nls ODIN would be a good thing to have. Extra comments on beta9rc4 floppyability are welcome, too. Who

[Freedos-devel] MODE update: CGA shifting / CP status

2004-02-21 Thread Eric Auer
on CGA shifting. Okay. Now go and get it :-)) http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/ mode-modecon-21feb2004.zip New FreeDOS MODE by Eric Auer 2003-2004. License: GPL. (version 21feb2004) MODE [device] [/STA[TUS]](show status of one or all devices) MODE LPTn[:] cols

[Freedos-devel] Wishlist: new XCOPY features: RECOVER, FAT32

2004-02-22 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, while looking at New-DOS, I got some ideas for new XCOPY features: 1. If FAT32, use the FAT32 file open mode for files which are 2-4 GB big 2. Offer an RESCUE COPY mode: When read errors happen, replace the unreadable sectors by sectors filled with ? and continue 3. Offer a TEST READ

[Freedos-devel] GRAPHICS / MODE moved, help with help wanted!

2004-02-22 Thread Eric Auer
:Allow Prtscr to print graphics screens. (CGA/EGA/VGA/MCGA, on PostScript, ESC/P Epson 8/24pin and HP PCL printers) Keywords: Prtscr graphics Author: Eric Auer eric(#)coli.uni-sb.de Maintained-by: Eric Auer eric(#)coli.uni-sb.de Primary-site: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff

[Freedos-devel] re: COPY and XCOPY

2004-02-22 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Johnson, simple answer: COPY is so simple that it is part of FreeCOM shell. For XCOPY, you need to have the XCOPY file installed. So COPY is for use on a boot floppy where you probably do not have XCOPY. By the way Jim: Somebody asked why we have TWO XCOPY in the LSM list. I think we can

[Freedos-devel] MODE LPTn COLS=... strings / testers wanted

2004-02-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I noticed that I have not yet enabled the MODE LPTn COLS=... feature. Reason: Nobody tested / suggested ESC sequences for 10cpi (80 column) / 15cpi (132 column) printing yet. So please test the sequences below, which are Google-educated guesses: ESC P 10 cpi printing. Could also be reached

[Freedos-devel] re: Don't you think its better to use Msdos file names?

2004-02-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! DOS- all exe/com/sys files DOS\APPINFO- lsm files DOS\DOC\project- documentation for 'project' DOS\HELP - all help files DOS\NLS- national language support files DOS\SOURCE\project - source code for 'project' Sounds okay BUT

[Freedos-devel] re:Don't you think its better to use Msdos file names?

2004-02-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, to answer your question: DOS\HELP - all help files This contains only files which are called project.*, like project or project.cn or project.es or project.htm ... Actually the CURRENT way is even simpler: DOS\HELP\ contains files which are called project. So for example the

[Freedos-devel] re: Directory hierarchy

2004-02-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, thanks for changing to a shorter subject! LG I'd divide *only* SRC into project subdirectories. BIN, INF, HLP, MAN and LG NLS better be common for *all* projects, as they usually contain only a LG single file per project (with some exceptions). Not really true, and not really a problem!

[Freedos-devel] re: Don't you think its better to use Msdos file names?

2004-02-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! BTW, keyboard.sys may be placed into NLS. No, is only 1 file. Keep it on traditional place: Same directory where keyboard binary is. Data usually not separated as binary or not binary (ie. textual), whereas BIN is not worsest name. :) How else? EXE? Calling it bat-com-exe

[Freedos-devel] FreeDOS with open source ClamAV antivirus?

2004-02-25 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I contacted the people of http://www.clamav.net/ open source antivirus project (successor of OpenAntiVir). ClamAV compiles for Windows with Cygwin. Main platform is Linux. A realistic goal for FreeDOS would be a DJGPP compile of - libclamav - http://www.gnu.org/directory/gnump.html (xxl

[Freedos-devel] re: FreeDOS with open source ClamAV antivirus?

2004-02-25 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Aitor, you are a bit too pessimistic :-). AFAIK DJGPP libs lacks (obviously) all multiprocessing ... ClamAV does not need multiprocessing. Could somebody with CYGWIN (which is DJGPP plus BASH plus some ... CYGWIN is POSIX (or even LinuxAPI) for Win32... And the API is implemented in at

[Freedos-devel] re: re: FreeDOS with open source ClamAV antivirus?

2004-02-25 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I downloaded the Windows binary (self-installing exe). Then I installed it in Wine. Results: The GUI thing needs MFC30D.DLL which is luckily offered on the ClamAV.net site. It also uses CTL3d2.DLL of which I seem to have only the NT version, so I must use wine --winver nt40 ... The bineries

[Freedos-devel] re: file to diskette

2004-02-26 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Arkady! To write a diskimage to disk, simply use FreeDOS DISKCOPY. For Windows, use: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/distributions/tools/imgtool.zip RAWRITE is deprecated. Get diskcopy from dkcp092x.zip at:

[Freedos-devel] re: PG version 1.10 (Final)

2004-02-28 Thread Eric Auer
5. M$ Windows DOS box sychronize data not work as Intra Application Communication Area 40:F0 modified You did WHAT? Why that? This sounds very incompatible to whatever future extension to BIOS data area might show up. How can I disable it? iaca(0L);

[Freedos-devel] Possible BUFFER / LBAcache / UPX bug?

2004-02-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I got some strange problems today. Maybe some bug in BUFFER handling or LBAcache. I am using FreeCOM 0.82pl3 and kernel 2033 and lbacache,sys buf 30 flop (device, while FreeCOM is shellhigh, using umbpci with non-cached but dma-enabled UMBs). XMS driver is HIMEM64 of 1 Feb 2004, compressed

[Freedos-devel] re: re: PG version 1.10 (Final)

2004-02-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi BAHCL, Memory area 40:F0..FF is documented in RBIL Arkady already told me Besides, can C compiler take NULLs \x0 as part of a parameter string? No but it would be VERY simple to convert the 32bit value to an ASCII string like 42 instead of using 0x2aL. That way, you can use a command line

[Freedos-devel] re: (OT) New mail worm = update your antivirus!!!

2004-03-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Jim, well, Bagle, maybe! But our mail gateway has held back DOZENS of Netsky copies to me this week already. Because all those viruses use fake sender addresses it is virtually impossible to guess (from the IP) who is the actually infected person. If one - maybe even past - list member is

[Freedos-devel] ClamAV binary for DOS available!

2004-03-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Joergen Ibsen (of IbsenSoftware.com / aPack...) was kind and smart enough to write a patch to make ClamAV compile in DJGPP and to do the compiling on his LFN (long file name) aware system. Thanks a lot! Here some snippets from the HOWTO. * I think you do not need much more than BASH, SED

[Freedos-devel] re: Please confirm...

2004-03-05 Thread Eric Auer
Just in case you have wondered: This mail was an auto-reply because a virus tried to subscribe freedos-devel to a list. Here the start of the (truncated) attachment: 000: 504b 0304 0a00 5247 6530 5d6e PKRGe0]n 010: b022 0056 0056 1200 6174

[Freedos-devel] re: EMM386 with VCPI for testing

2004-03-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, well, good news about EMM386 then! I have an idea about the 0k sized ROM at C800: Probably the ROM at C000 was 32 k (common with modern VGA...) and EMM386 failed to check for that? Eric. --- This SF.Net email is sponsored by: IBM Linux

[Freedos-devel] re: beta9, rc4.

2004-03-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, the idea with the release candidates: - they only contain the BASE package - they do not include an all floppy version - ... - the real beta9 is supposed to be the last beta before 1.0 - ... Eric --- This SF.Net email is sponsored by: IBM

[Freedos-devel] re: EMM386 with VCPI for testing

2004-03-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I removed the C000:8 and | strings and did this: xxd -r dump.txt | ndisasm - | less At first glance the analyzed payload of this HighPoint IDE 386 thing looks like something which hooks int 13h (BIOS disk services) and hides the first 2 sectors on the disk from the user, both in CHS and LBA

[Freedos-devel] re: Version 1.0

2004-03-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Alain, Only one program is missing and that is a Scan-Disk (written as 2 words) utility for Fat32. For what I kow, DOSFSCK is working and need only a small fixes in the read sector. I strongly disagree. Our SCANDISK for FAT1x is completely defunct, so we have no SCANDISK in the meaning

[Freedos-devel] re3: Version 1.0

2004-03-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Alain, sorry, I confused UNDELETE and DOSFSCK. Of course even my DOS port of DOSFSCK compiles with DJGPP. Only UNDELETE uses Turbo C and will need an extra #ifdef to compile with proper __BORLANDC__ absread usage. RAMDISK problems are a bit vague... Maybe even kernel related. XMSDSK is

[Freedos-devel] re: XMSDSK

2004-03-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Lucho! So, as NO RAM DISK satisfies an utility and a game, NO RAM DISK may be included in FreeDOS! But this is NOT XMSDSK's fault! It works and is free (albeit not open source) so I agree with Alain - if we include UMBPCI, we should include XMSDSK too. Please try before shouting. If

[Freedos-devel] Re: We're criminals (or at least GPL violators)

2004-03-17 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Lucho, luckily both the non-NRV versions of UPX (i.e. the compile yourself ones, which I have to use in Linux anyway because there are no precompiled UPX binaries for my ooold libc) and Info-ZIP are find in combination with GPL license-wise. So if it really bothers you, replace UPX-nrv and RAR

[Freedos-devel] Re: We're criminals (or at least GPL violators)

2004-03-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, criminal news... I share the point of view that I can compile things with museum Turbo C and even spread them. But I cannot spread Turbo C itself easily: I am supposed to send people to the Borland museum to fetch their own copy if they want one. If you disagree about that, I can publish

[Freedos-devel] Re: Internationalisation of HTML Help

2004-03-22 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Rob, for internationalization of HTML help with KITTEN you have to take care of TWO aspects: Kitten does not accept HTML (obviously) but does accept escape sequences like \n for a line break etc. - so you cannot use HTML entities to encode local chars like Umlauts (auml; for example which is

[Freedos-devel] Re: http://freedos.sourceforge.net/ (fwd)

2004-03-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, if you ask me then you can just remove - if possible - the announcement newsitems from freedos.sf.net! The thing is that freedos.sf.net is the start page for people who want to download new kernel or shell versions without having to go through the links on freedos.org, so this start page

[Freedos-devel] comprehensive jumper / layout database

2004-03-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, ever wanted to know what the name of that ISA/PCI/whatever board which you just found on the cupboard is? Or what the meaning of all those jumpers on it would be? For that problem, Tyler has a very interesting URL which I hereby forward to you :-). http://docs.van-diepen.com/th99/index.html

[Freedos-devel] Two new small tools: Poweroff, Freetest

2004-03-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, on http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/ you can now find 1. poweroff-boot.zip which is a quick and dirty hack of a boot sector which gives you 10 seconds to press ESC to reboot and if you fail to do so it tells the primary master harddisk to shut down and 5 seconds

[Freedos-devel] Experimental DEVLOAD 3.12 with new features released

2004-03-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Bernd pointed me to the original DEVLOAD sources... I have kicked the code a bit to compile into a .com file again (not exe) and to compile with Arrowsoft ASM (involved changes: mark a few ... byte ptr ..., immediate value as such, to avoid phase errors caused by the ambiguity of immediate

[Freedos-devel] Re: FreeDOS 1.0 TODO list ready (but not yet posted)

2004-03-25 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, some comments on your comments... HIMEM /INT15H=... should not be extremely hard to do, so I vote for it. HIMEM /HMAMIN=m is indeed not very useful. Being able to allocate PARTS of the HMA would be nice but was not introduced before MS DOS 7 or so, and before that time, HMAMIN protected

[Freedos-devel] Re: EMM386 release candidate #1

2004-03-26 Thread Eric Auer
echo 00: 0F 09 90 9D 66 58 C3 | xxd -r | ndisasm - 0F09 wbinvd 0002 90nop 0003 9Dpopf 0004 6658 pop eax 0006 C3ret So your SLOWDOWN crash happens because SLOWDOWN tries to disable the CPU

[Freedos-devel] OT: Virus collection

2004-04-06 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, excuse the OT, but maybe you find some interesting pattern in my collected virus logs (mails trapped by the campus virus filter - an informational mail is sent to me instead of the virus - I used some Linux textutils and the joe editor to improve the layout...):

[Freedos-devel] Re: GOODBYE FROM LUCHO THE FOOL!!!

2004-04-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Lucho and all, the big difference is between having the address in the mail HEADERs and having it in the mail TEXT where it could probably end up in the WWW archives of FreeDOS-devel (depends on whether they automatically protect email addresses there: Many web mailing list archives do!). For

[Freedos-devel] LBAcache benchmarking: Windows install

2004-04-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Geraldo sends test results for LBAcache and element sizes: - mscdex - format - load LBAcache with 6 MB (buf 24) (default element size: 4k) - OR load smartdrv 12288 /x /u /e:4096 (this is 6 MB as well! A bug in smartdrv makes it assume 8k element size for the element count calc - lower

[Freedos-devel] FreeDOS CDRcache / MODE mini updates

2004-04-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, in http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ (if the server stays up... had a failure yesterday) you can find 2 minor updates now: cdrcache-07apr2004.zip and mode-08apr2004.zip ... Changes: - flushed because of possible disk change message in CDRcache moved to show only in verbose mode

[Freedos-devel] Re: HIMEM64 testing info/requests

2004-04-14 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Tom, reading your a20 always on pro/contra list, I modify the suggestion which I sent (not on the list) to you and Michael a few minutes ago... Suggested new ordering: - if already on, use always on - else try all methods to turn a20 on and remember which worked - if a20 is on now and user

[Freedos-devel] LBAcache ideas / remove eecho/bootrand?

2004-04-14 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I wondered whether I should remove eecho.com / syseecho.sys from the LBAcache package. Does eecho work well enough in current kernel and FreeCOM e.g. for a color setting eecho $[0;1;33;44m everything below this is yellow on blue (including the problems of case sensitivity and being able to do

[Freedos-devel] LBAcache: floppy (and general) testers needed

2004-04-14 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all, can anybody tell me if LBAcache now handles over-formatted floppy disks properly? As you know, you can use FreeDOS FORMAT (or Linux tools or whatever else you prefer) to format e.g. to 1680k in an 1440k drive. In the past, LBAcache bailed out when you had LBAcache FLOP loaded and tried

[Freedos-devel] Re: LBAcache: floppy (and general) testers needed

2004-04-15 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, short update: I uploaded lbacache-15apr2004.zip to http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ ... instead of doing a panic shutdown it now checks if an access wraps around the end of the floppy track. If this is the case, the access bypasses the cache and the cache contents for that drive

[Freedos-devel] Re: Bart's mem 1.5

2004-04-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, while MS Win98 MEM could be called a standard, I do not agree with: b7ff81920 DOS system code 9fff65536 DOS system code Those are video buffers - even if the MCBs mark them as excluded / system code or similar, a note would definitely not hurt. For

[Freedos-devel] LBAcache vs. old Norton Disk Doctor / OnTrack SWBIOS question

2004-04-18 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I got a report that old Norton Disk Doctor versions make LBAcache panic. The offending function is int 13.ee (which means add 1024 to cylinder number for next int 13 call only, similar to int 13.ef which adds CX to cylinder number for next int 13 call only - both take DL as drive number

[Freedos-devel] Recent Bugzilla entries

2004-04-19 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, as FreeDOS 2034 is out, does it make attempts to fix http://www.freedos.org/bugs/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1745 ? renaming dir with trailing backslash makes it vanish which could be blamed on shell, kernel or both? How about Netware related bug 1753, as reported by Erwin, does 2034 fix it?

[Freedos-devel] Re: FreeDOS Beta9 RC5 has been released

2004-04-20 Thread Eric Auer
to decompress but slow for compression, altlhough that does not really hurt). * MODE, new features works better with DISPLAY (Eric Auer) Plus some relatively boring updates to CDRcache, LBAcache, FDAPM, about which I have some questions: - I would love some feedback about whether the cache hit ratio

[Freedos-devel] Is FDPM still alive (or superseded)? Quicken anybody?

2004-04-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, is FDPM still alive or did it get replaced by the GUI and text mode installers which were used in beta 9.4 and 9.5? http://www.freedos.org/bugs/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=12 asks for package management in the installer, and I think at least the GUI installer can be described as having such a

[Freedos-devel] Re: Is FDPM still alive (or superseded)? Quicken anybody?

2004-04-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, ... which reminds me that when I fail to close() in plain DOS, stat() does not reflect current file size while it does in DOSEMU redirection drives. The DESIRED behaviour is that only after close() the stat() information (directory entry) should be updated, so plain DOS is right

[Freedos-devel] [syslinux] re: Problem with FreeDOS + himem64 + PXELINUX + memdisk

2004-04-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Pat, your patches and/or MEMDISK have the problem that they do not DETECT which A20 setting styles work and which not! - PS/2: port 92h - or 2 to enable, and ~2 to disable A20 - 8042: command d1 / port 60 ... here, too, ONLY bit 1 should be messed with (or 2 / and ~2). It is important to do

[Freedos-devel] Re: Is FDPM still alive (or superseded)? Quicken anybody?

2004-04-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I myself do not have time for package management in the near future and Wolf tells by ICQ: For my part we can let it die, I don't have time to work on it now... ): did not meet Natalia on ICQ today. I think we can at least freeze FDPM development then. By the way, BW Basic graphics/sound

[Freedos-devel] Re: Problem with FreeDOS + himem64 + PXELINUX + memdisk

2004-04-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, if HIMEM64 crashes but FDXXMS PS does not, try the new /VERBOSE and /METHOD:... command line options of HIMEM/HIMEM64 to find out which of the A20 methods cause the troubles. When exactly does the crash happen, did you try F8 single step mode and combinations of DOS={HIGH,LOW},{UMB,NOUMB}

[Freedos-devel] Re: Re: [Freedos-cvs] kernel/kernel

2004-04-21 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Arkady, 2034_16 and 2034_32 are both 8086 kernels. 2034_16 supports FAT12 and FAT16 2034_32 supports FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 FAT32 support means that the kernel needs about 3.5k more space in HMA. And the changes are explained in history.txt, 200 lines of description for the 2033 - 2034

[Freedos-devel] PCI database / Vectra A20 code / DOS tools URLs

2004-04-23 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, three nice URLs: http://my.execpc.com/~geezer/osd/ has boot/a20.asm file with Vectra A20 code and many more useful snippets, e.g. PCI / PnP programming. http://www.pcidatabase.com/ guess what... http://www.ibiblio.org/ais/nl-dos.htm has DOS networking tools and similar, e.g. SSH, mail,

[Freedos-devel] Should MODE raise DTR / RTS ? -- MODE updated!

2004-04-23 Thread Eric Auer
Jeff Hanson has a problem with MODE: http://www.jhanson.com/aquajack.shtml (FreeDOS arkade machine :-)) It seems that setting to 19200 N 8 1 either fails (could it be that int 14.4/5 are not supported by modern BIOSes?) or at least MODE should raise DTR/RTS. He reports that Win9x MODE does this:

[Freedos-devel] Re: Should MODE raise DTR / RTS ? -- MODE updated!

2004-04-23 Thread Eric Auer
Sigh... have to followup myself... [ http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ mode-23apr2004.zip ] The cannot read config in MODE COMn BAUDHARD=1 mode bug was caused by BAUDHARD being treated as a config SET to default trigger, so the function would always read 2400,N,8,1 right after setting

[Freedos-devel] Re: FreeDOS Version 1.0 reviewed

2004-04-24 Thread Eric Auer
Hi all... great, I like TODO list changes :-). http://fdos.org/ripcord/fdos_1_0/official/todos.htm EMM386 RAM= is well enough implemented if you make it an alias to X= if you ask me. ROM= on the other hand would be not too hard to do (Michael already shadows ROM to trap :0 reboots). But

[Freedos-devel] Re: Tough FORMAT tool from Fenix

2004-05-11 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, Jeremy writes that he has mirrored the tough format tool from Fenix at: http://projects.fdos.org/formata/ ... and that he can do the same for other open source projects which need a stable download home as well. I would have preferred if he had sent this mail himself, but I am unable to

[Freedos-devel] Tough FORMAT tool from Fenix

2004-05-10 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I got a robust formatting program from a programmer who calls himself Ave Fenix (as nickname). The program is written in FASM (180k in 1 source file) and is meant for formatting floppy disks with partially broken track 0. Ave writes: /--- The program seeks some undamaged track to put the

[Freedos-devel] CDRcache update: easier to use // design questions

2004-05-12 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have added the user-friendly command line and statistics display features which I have added to LBAcache a few days ago to CDRcache now. *** Note that if you are an NDD user you should re-download lbacache-09may2004 *** because the initial version had a typo in the code which spoiled the

[Freedos-devel] LBAcache / TICKLE updated

2004-05-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I uploaded a new LBAcache version to http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ lbacache-09may2004.zip From the history.txt file: 09.05.2004 Included some TICKLE harddisk read-ahead improvements in the LBACACHE package in the TICKLEHD.COM file. Normal

[Freedos-devel] Re: LBAcache / TICKLE updated

2004-05-09 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, IcE reminded me that LBAcache would panic when NDD tried to access funky CHS with more than 1024 cyl functions of some BIOS enhancers like EzDrive or OnTrack Drive Manager or SWBIOS. I added code to make those function calls fail and uploaded LBAcache again (still lbacache-09may2004.zip).

[Freedos-devel] Re: EBDA

2004-04-27 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, if you use SWITCHES=/E:value, what will happen if you select a value which is smaller than the EBDA? NOMOVEXBDA suppresses moving EBDA to UMB by EMM386, seems to be needed for many network cards and disk controllers. I guess even moving EBDA to low DOS RAM causes problems with the same set of

[Freedos-devel] FreeDOS MODE: UPXing CPIs?

2004-04-27 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I found that a very small way to decompress CPI files would be using UPX to compress them and then patch the decompression process. Here is a sketch. I think this should work with both open source and NRV versions of UPX. Copy file to 60k sized buffer at X:0x100 If no UPX signature found,

[Freedos-devel] Moving from Win to FreeDOS (was: updates)

2004-04-27 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, what kind of hardware (amount of RAM / harddisk space, CPU speed) do you have? You should read the FreeDOS.org software - networking list to see what you can do network- wise with FreeDOS. And of course you can and probably should use Linux instead of FreeDOS. I think as native networking OS,

[Freedos-devel] Rainone offering Italian translation for FD

2004-04-27 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, on http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detailaid=900300group_id=5109atid=355109 the SourceForge user rainone (Francesco Rainone) offers to translate strings to Italian for us. I think he should first have a look at FreeCOM...? Please mail him about that... Of the components which I

[Freedos-devel] Re: ANNOUNCE: Edit 0.81

2004-04-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Joe, thanks for all the changes! Still some comments... 2) Title bar mentions 0.7a, but not 0.8. -- If you want to know what version you're using, go to Help|About. Maybe, but version in title bar is easy to implement and reminds people which version they use, good for bug reports.

[Freedos-devel] New MODE version for UPX(!) packed CPIs

2004-04-28 Thread Eric Auer
Hi folks, I finally found the time to add support for the infamous CPX file format to my MODE utility. The ZIP file includes a sample ega.cpx in the directory source/mode - you can see by doing upx -l ega.cpx that I have created it by ren ega.cpi ega.com upx --8086 ega.com ren ega.com ega.cpx ...

[Freedos-devel] MODE re-uploaded: help screen buglet

2004-04-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I uploaded MODE 29apr2004 again - had forgotten to make the data 29apr2004 show up in the help screen. By the way, I found that DISPLAY 0.10b has problems with mono / color type dual head systems. MODE MONO activates only the mono CRTC but not the mono video buffer when DISPLAY is loaded.

[Freedos-devel] FreeCOM German translation fix

2004-04-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I tried to create a German FreeCOM 0.82pl3 XMS-Swap and had to find that somebody had saved german.lng in iso-8859-1 instead of actually using codepage 858. I could have used SETEDIT.sf.net to fix that, but even easier was: unix2dos german.lng (which I ran in Linux and which is an alias to

[Freedos-devel] Re: FreeCOM German translation fix

2004-04-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, the localization of the precompiled FreeCOM is basically simple: get default.lng and turkish.lng run fixstr turkish copy /b xmsswap.cln + strings.dat command.com upx --8086 command.com And you have a turkish FreeCOM, XMS-Swap version. Still people can easily miss the fact that translated

[Freedos-devel] LBAcache update - bigger changes

2004-05-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have changed LBAcache quite a bit tonight: There is no longer a .sys version - you can use INSTALL / INSTALLHIGH to load the .com version still very early during boot. Because I dropped the .sys version, I could remove some glue code which made LBAcache able to exist as both COM and SYS

[Freedos-devel] Re: Re: LBAcache update - bigger changes

2004-05-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I fixed the reported rounding error with cache size, improved the banner message and sync message and the LBACACHE.TXT (22k now, plus there is a 5k history.txt change log file) and uploaded again: http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ lbacache-01may2004.zip (108k / 111065 bytes right

[Freedos-devel] Re: Re: EDIT in DOSEMU

2004-05-01 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! [That = pasting large amounts of text into EDIT 0.81 in DOSEMU from Linux] Hi, that was in DOSEMU, I am still stuck to that version, sorry. ... why do you insist in replying privately all the time? Pasting seems to work for me, why else would I ask for details? Thanks for the

[Freedos-devel] Re: hardware database

2004-05-03 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I think an hardware database is not needed. Network cards: FreeDOS does not come with drivers. So if your network card comes with DOS drivers, fine. Else: Not fine. There are generic drivers for NE2000 compatible cards, though. Video cards: All BIOS supported cards are okay, including all

[Freedos-devel] FreeDOS history check: LBA, FAT32?

2004-05-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, the maintainer of http://www.mwpms.uklinux.net/page1.htm wants to know when we introduced FAT32 (2029??), LBA (2025 by Tom 2001?), Flash booting (I think it will work if FAT formatted?), ROM booting (does ROMOS work reliably?) ... I suggested that he updates his page but my suggestion mail

[Freedos-devel] Re: OT: Guess who gives a damn about human rights

2004-05-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, as said, I know that GPL cannot limit use of free software. You may remember that I took part in this discussion a while ago. I had the example Is OpenOffice.org on the PC of a spy using software for non-human-friendly purposes? Answer: You cannot decide. So I am not pissed about US politics

[Freedos-devel] LH DISPLAY problems / NLSFUNC in a nutshell

2004-05-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi! I recommend to move this discussion to freedos-devel, with a nice subject line. So here some information about UPX: UPXed SYS can crash when loaded into a too small memory area (only UMBs are typical cases of small memory areas, so the problem arises only with UMBs in most cases). This

[Freedos-devel] Smaller SHARE tool for testing

2004-05-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, please check http://www.coli.uni-sb.de/~eric/stuff/soft/by-others/ freedos-share-04may2004.zip I replaced the fprintf by write and turned SHARE.EXE into a 3k smaller SHARE.COM ... especially the memory footprint is 3k smaller now, too. Even smaller would it be if the init part could be

[Freedos-devel] Re: LH DISPLAY problems / NLSFUNC in a nutshell

2004-05-04 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I have some extra questions... Another option - and I prefer that one - is to use a compressed COM and check if there is enough memory dynamically. If by dynamically you mean that DISPLAY should check that, I am open to admit patches, of course. If you mean in the COM version: The

Re: Re: [Freedos-devel] [Fwd: your O/S]

2004-05-06 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Marshall, Bernd, here my opinion: Can it run on the internet? DOS was never meant for that but you can use it for that if you are an experienced user and know how to install the drivers. The Arachne web browser itself is easy to use, though. Is it fast? It boots very fast because DOS

[Freedos-devel] Re: new app: scrsave

2004-05-08 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I think you will be able to capture the screen in Borland IDEs by simply making your program check which screen PAGE is in use. You can find that information in the 0x40:xx BIOS data area. Public domain is okay - easier for people to use your code in other programs. But GPL does not limit

[Freedos-devel] Joke of the day: lb040501.zip !?

2004-05-08 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I got an urgent request to make my homepage 8.3 name compatible. So I would have to upload lbacache-01may2004.zip as lb040501.zip (which is YYMMDD order, nice for sorting but completely unreadable to normal Germans). The claim is that (paraphrasing) having to use a web browser to download

[Freedos-devel] Re: FreeDOS 10th Birthday: TODOs / keep moving

2004-05-29 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, I would vote against meetup.com ... just use good old IRC chat :-). irc.i7c.org #freedos and #fd-user are held alive by as little as +/- 5 FreeDOS fans now, but anybody can just drop by and leave comments. Markus has some experience with bots for IRC, so he could probably add some answering

[Freedos-devel] Re: Re: FreeDOS 10th Birthday: TODOs / keep moving

2004-05-29 Thread Eric Auer
should we add a GUI to the final Beta9? and the other disksets we had (LANG/UTIL/GUI/NET)? I think it should include all categories of the online LSM database *but* please provide a version without sources, otherwise the download will be huge. Sources can be provided separately in some huge

[Freedos-devel] TDSK developer gone?

2004-06-05 Thread Eric Auer
Hi, who is maintaining TDSK right now? I found that the LSM database still listed a very old contact address (Jim removed that now). But I think others have continued to work on TDSK after Ciri, does anybody know if and who is maintaining TDSK today? Eric PS: VMiX? -

[Freedos-devel] Re: DEFRAG and DOSFSCK 2.8

2004-06-07 Thread Eric Auer
Hi Imre, Johnson told me on ICQ that he tried to DEFRAG a FAT32 drive. Very simple explanation of his problem ;-). DEFRAG refuse to work on my hard disk, but under TUI it didn't show the reason, just pop up a red alert and quit. I've to find the real problem using command line, is the error

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