Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Islamophobia or just Israeli-phelia ??...........

2007-02-04 Thread raja chemayel
being blamed for the above. And now , for what can we blame Islam ?? let us try , some convenient- Islamophobia , just for the sake of Islamophobia or for the sake of Israeli-Phelia Raja Chemayel a Christian since 2007 years

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] only , 500 Km. away from Jerusalem

2007-03-05 Thread raja chemayel
A conference on peace and stability for Iraq shall take place Baghdad,of course . We shall see the USA and Iran and Syria , among others, all sitting on one table...negotiating any solution. Officially speaking , it is not the USA finally talking to Iran and

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] the Genocide-Bomber

2007-03-13 Thread raja chemayel
with his victims . The Genocide-Bombers dies from Natural-causes, for example, Syphilis . Raja Chemayel 12th. March 2007 - New Yahoo! Mail is the ultimate force in competitive emailing. Find out more at the Yahoo

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] The Clash of Cultures does happen !!

2007-03-14 Thread raja chemayel
of speech .not barbaric-arrogance The Clash of Cultures does happen, when any-Culture meets with the Double-Standards. Raja Chemayel 13Th. of March 2007 - Web email has come of age. Don't settle for less than the All New Yahoo

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] 14Th of March in the Lebanon

2007-03-14 Thread raja chemayel
those who fought against Israel . Each and all Capitalists-Imperialist-powers do support this Government and not the Opposition. You make your own choice !!! Raja Chemayel I have chosenit is simple !! 14.03.07

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Khaled did it !!!!

2007-03-17 Thread raja chemayel
Fear no more Worry even less Search no more Khaled did confess Khaled Shaikh-Mohammad has confessed , totally and comprehensively He did it. He even masterminded it, He executed it The whole thing , 911 and all the rest (excluding: Enron,Catherina

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Look who's talking !!!

2007-03-18 Thread raja chemayel
on behalf of the Palestinians is kept by Israel , for blackmail and extortion . In other words and in short : Israel did negotiate and sign agreements which it never implemented , but it blames Hamas for not recognising agreements it never even negotiated . Raja Chemayel How silly can it get ?? 18Th

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] The cruxifiction of the Chaldean

2007-03-19 Thread raja chemayel
could even finish his last prayers. Tarek Aziz , the Arab-Christian-Arab-Chaldean-Iraqi will die tomorrow with the Bible in his hands and Jesus of Nazareth in his hart. Raja Chemayel on the eve of a crucifixion by means of hanging 20Th. of March 2007

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Correction and opologies

2007-03-20 Thread raja chemayel
Yesterday I wrongly misunderstood a piece of information whereas I assumed that Tarek Aziz would be hanged instead of Taha Ramadan.I was driving 180 Km per hour on German Highways when my wife called me and informed me of it. She does not speak Arabic and confused Tarek and Taha. So

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] President Ahmadinejad in the year 2017

2007-03-23 Thread raja chemayel
President Ahmadinejad should wait a bit before he sends his nuclear-bomb on the State of Israel . Why ??.. because if he does it next Tuesday he will also hit 1,2 million Arab-Palestinian-citizens of the State of Zion and another million Palestinians in Gaza

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] The Green Zone chronicles

2007-03-24 Thread raja chemayel
In the Green Zone , yesterday, the Prime Minister of the Green-Zone did not at all panic when a bomb went of only some meters behind him , only the General Secretary of the United Nation did wet his pantsNuri Al Maliki did not even interrupt his sentence.

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Do you know.....??

2007-03-27 Thread raja chemayel
has received more foreign-aid from the USA , more than the whole World altogether ? Raja Chemayel wishing that everybody knew 27Th of March 2007 - New Yahoo! Mail is the ultimate force in competitive

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] as if the Zionist-shit is not enough

2007-03-31 Thread raja chemayel
to operate nor for the maintenance of those tanks. as if International-pressure-shit were not enough !! Raja Chemayel 29.03.07 - Web email has come of age. Don't settle for less than the All New Yahoo! Mail.

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] The third of April

2007-04-03 Thread raja chemayel
tastes better while to surrender means a treason against yourself, and treason against your people. Therefore if you want Peace, look for your Victory. Raja Chemayel on the third of April - All new Yahoo! Mail The new

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] a Chronological-justice , Israel would not like

2007-04-18 Thread raja chemayel
at the disposal of the UNO 15% of its Military-forces to create a world-police-force to implement those resolutions , one by one and chronologically ?? I would like it and Israel would surely not . How about you ?? Raja Chemayel 18Th of April 2007

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Prejudices are prejudices..........and the Yemen is next !!

2007-04-21 Thread raja chemayel
The religion of that serial-killer in Virginia remains irrelevant and it was never mentioned. One of his (31) victims was a Romanian-Jew-Israeli and this was very relevant and was mentioned overall... and repeatedly... Prejudices are prejudices and they pollute any

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] is there a Theologian among us ???

2007-05-01 Thread raja chemayel
, in that case, or simply the Jews misinterpreted his wish ?? Raja Chemayel not a theologian 28 April 2007 - Yahoo! Mail is the world's favourite email. Don't settle for less, sign up for your freeaccount today.

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] How to promote the carreers in Israel.

2007-05-15 Thread raja chemayel
Today a report comes out in Israel blaming Ehud Olmert for Israel's defeat in the Lebanon in 1983 a similar report came out in Israel blaming Ariel Sharon of slaughtering Palestinian-civilian-refugees. It happened that the same Ariel Sharon became a Prime Minister twenty years later after that

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] is there Oil in Darfur ??

2007-05-18 Thread raja chemayel
?? or the Darfurians may remain as Arabs . Raja Chemayel a-brown-arab-lebanese-christian 4th of May 2007 - New Yahoo! Mail is the ultimate force in competitive emailing. Find out more at the Yahoo! Mail Championships. Plus: play games and win prizes.

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Sarah the Chaldean...

2007-05-21 Thread raja chemayel
confused but , I would prefer the Crusader who lied much less than the Zionist and he also gave up his greedy-fantasies and went back finally to his real home. Raja Chemayel anti-Crusaders anti-Zionist anti- Imperialist 10Th of May 2007 - What

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] two simple questions.............

2007-05-22 Thread raja chemayel
Two simple-questions , please, if I may. First question: Please try to remember all the persons appointed by George W. Bush , for any possible job or authority. Think again and deeply.. Take a deep breathand dig deep !! Now tell me how

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] a lesson in democracy

2007-05-22 Thread raja chemayel
Leaving the Elysee's Palace for the last time,today, the President of the Republic, Jacques Chriac's car stopped at a red-traffic light , to allow the other side to pass before him. I hope and wish that any lesser-democratic-President would have been watching this , on his

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Tragedy in North of the Lebanon....because of its South

2007-05-28 Thread raja chemayel
died. And the world is now divided only between the people killing for the sake of Israel . and the others , who are dying for the same sake. Raja Chemayel 23rd. of May 2007 - Nervous about who has your email address? Yahoo! Mail can help you

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Tripoli , Riyadh and Langley,Virginia

2007-05-28 Thread raja chemayel
How can Islam be served by killing 33 Lebanese soldiers ?? How can the Palestinian cause be served by inviting a civil war to the inside of a refugee's camp ?? I really do not know , unless when Fateh el Islam are neither Fateh nor Muslim !! Knowing what I think to know, Fateh

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] the cowboys , the persians and the Ashkenazims

2007-05-31 Thread raja chemayel
the birthplace of civilisation the hometown of Abraham the birthplace of the first civil-laws is in the hands of : Cowboys and Persians both watched carefully by the Ashkenazims. Raja Chemayel an Arab without a capital 29Th of May 2007 - Inbox

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] egocentric-loyal-members

2007-06-09 Thread raja chemayel
Raja Chemayel no more a Jew..since 2010 years and never a Freemason ,neither. 07.06.07 - Did you know that Yahoo! Mail is the World's favourite email? Find out why for yourself.

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] a historical compromise............without compromising history

2007-06-21 Thread raja chemayel
and Falafel : Israelis Raja Chemayel a pragmatic-nationalist and also a pragmatic-terminologies 21.06.07 PS : I think and hope that President Ahmadinejad also agrees with what I proposed here.after all , he does not cares much about our Hoummos. Only, he cares , about the Justice

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] Lord Blairfour

2007-07-05 Thread raja chemayel
the winner the thief the idiot ( with the other winner) Lord Balfour gave once away a country which was never his he gave away Palestine which was not even yet occupied by him, the Turks were there , the day he promised it. Lord

Boycott Israel [IslamCity] my first condemnation of Hezbollah

2007-07-07 Thread raja chemayel
a traffic-hazards in Baghdad The Media has started very recently pumping in stories about the involvement of Hezbollah in Iraq . Pictures and video-footage and analysis are appearing on my TV screen . Even the photographs of Hezbollah-operatives-leaders are shown

Bismillah [IslamCity] how to differenciate within the differences

2007-10-22 Thread raja chemayel
and some Lutherans are Zionist and many Israelis act like Nazis... while , Nazis do not have to be Germans and Germans are not all of them Lutherans and many Jews are not at all Israelis. Raja Chemayel a Christian a Lebanese an Arab who actually is an Arab-Christian-Lebanese

Bismillah [IslamCity] environmentally-friendly-fuels

2007-10-25 Thread raja chemayel
Now that Mr. Al Gore might reconsider seriously the Presidency of the United States of America . Now that George Bush has ran out of lies and US voters might have finally found out , just who he really is. We presume that the next President in the White-house

Bismillah [IslamCity] we did not do it.....

2007-10-28 Thread raja chemayel
take part in it .!! nor did we approve of it !! nor were we informed of it !! Go please and blame rather those... who never bombed the Camps of Auschwitz and those who even never bombed the railways' lines to Auschwitz. We did not do it !! Raja Chemayel

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Lebanese deadlock...........

2007-10-28 Thread raja chemayel
Lebanon is in a deadlock , in a kind of dead-end-street we cannot agree on a Presidential election's date let alone on a candidate nor on the interpretation of our own constitution ,written in our own language by our own founders. only 65 years ago Walid

Bismillah [IslamCity] The spy who came in to divorce....

2007-10-29 Thread raja chemayel
President Sarkozy has divorced his pretty woman Why not ?? What is wrong with divorcing any pretty woman ?? I even know many nice guys who divorced !! (even such a nice person, as myself , did it , far) But some news many hide other

Bismillah [IslamCity] the only emissions-free country in the Middle East

2007-10-30 Thread raja chemayel Gaza being now the only liberated Palestinian soil although it is still besieged and starved and isolated and insulated and deprived and encircled and

Bismillah [IslamCity] Probably the shortest story.....

2007-11-04 Thread raja chemayel
The USA is currently building the largest Embassy ever anywhere else in the world , for its diplomats in Baghdad . The civil-servants of the US-diplomatic-corps are refusing to be assigned there ..end of the

Bismillah [IslamCity] the meaningless meeting and the most modern monotheists

2007-11-08 Thread raja chemayel
limited education and knowledge , but I wish sincerely ,that the Vatican would not fear the competition anymore from those most modern monotheists : the Muslims. Raja Chemayel an islamophile-christian 08.11.07 Visit my Blog , and bring someone nice with you http

Bismillah [IslamCity] Mr. De Ception and Mrs Anna Polis

2007-11-11 Thread raja chemayel
Mrs. Anna Polis Mr.De Ception The Annapolis Peace Conference must come out with nothing less than a Miracle because anything else would be implausibly-incredible. Besides that , all Miracles happen to the faithful and/or to the righteous and never do they

Bismillah [IslamCity] only a French-Foreign-Minister would think that.......

2007-11-12 Thread raja chemayel
.. (idiots) . How far are we ,here,from this truth ?? because many Lebanese are not idiots and others are... Only an idiot does not realise that he is an idiot ! only a French-Foreign-Minister would think that Lebanese are French !! Raja Chemayel better to be a Lebanese-idiot , than

Bismillah [IslamCity] Hugo and the King.........Raja and the Queen

2007-11-13 Thread raja chemayel
Queen !! Raja Chemayel non-elected-blogger 13 Nov.2007 - Yahoo! Answers - Get better answers from someone who knows. Tryit now.inline: king.jpg

Bismillah [IslamCity] The shortest analyses about Pakistan

2007-11-14 Thread raja chemayel
Democracy , is when you have a choice make your choice !! In Pakistan the USA is facing a difficult choice, a kind of a dilemma. As a matter of fact , the USA-Administration will have to choose between : a pro-USA-Corrupt-lady-leader or a

Bismillah [IslamCity] Iraq-Iran-Iraq-Iran-Iraq-Iran-Iraq-Iran-Iraq-Iran

2007-11-15 Thread raja chemayel

Bismillah [IslamCity] Warning to the Arabs and the Muslims living under a Western-sky

2007-11-17 Thread raja chemayel
Jesus of Nazareth said once : Not from bread alone , shall the man live obviously my wise-countryman must have meant that Bread alone is not as important as food and that the man must nourish himself also spiritually. 2007 years later , that verse must come handy,

Bismillah [IslamCity] The difference between a beggar and an extortionist (blackmailer)

2007-11-18 Thread raja chemayel
-entity but is simply a sucker being blackmailed. Any other conclusions are welcome !! Raja Chemayel a philanthropist-observer 18Th of November 2007 visit my blog and pay no extortion's !!

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Olive-Oil-Arabs.

2007-11-19 Thread raja chemayel
http://frustratedarabdiary.blogspot .com If you thought that (some) Arabs are getting richer because the Oil prices have risen ??? ..think again !! All Oil transactions are dealt-with in US-Dollars which came down by 40% , thus, those

Bismillah [IslamCity] Gratitude

2007-11-21 Thread raja chemayel
Geronimo than George, and people in Jennin prefer having their homes back, and the heroes of Fallujah would like Saddam back. Barbarism cannot be the vehicle for anything good. The tears of a Crocodile equal any Freedom brought by neo-colonialism. Raja Chemayel 21.11.2007 PS : 21st

Bismillah [IslamCity] Midnight in Beirut

2007-11-26 Thread raja chemayel
to Israel's tactical-schemes. It is Midnight in Beirut and we (Lebanese) are still nowhere Raja Chemayel Midnight in Amsterdam and the Beaujolais-nouveau is perfect this year. - For ideas on reducing your carbon footprint visit Yahoo

Bismillah [IslamCity] Annapolis' Guest List

2007-11-27 Thread raja chemayel
The List of Guests to the Annapolis Conference Donald Duck Ehud Olmert (Zionisia) Harry Potter Mahmoud Abbas ( West-Bankistan) Little Red-Riding-Hood Husny Mubarak ( Pharaonistan) Poppey King Abdullah the second ( Hashemitostan) Sleeping Beauty King

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Agenda of Annapolis Conference has been leaked out.......

2007-11-28 Thread raja chemayel
The Looser,the Referee and the Winner before even the Match starts... The Agenda of Annapolis Conference has been leaked out... by my third grade cousin ,Khaled, who works there as assistant-cook and part-time-spy for the C I A ( Chemayel

Bismillah [IslamCity] Do not ask........

2007-12-01 Thread raja chemayel
, And finally , do not ask me to blame those children throwing stones on any Israeli Bulldozer. Raja Chemayel 30.11.07 - Sent from Yahoo! #45; the World#39;s favourite mail.

Bismillah [IslamCity] from Oslo to Annapolis

2007-12-04 Thread raja chemayel
to visit Annapolis !! and without the poison of the peace-illusions... Peace is an illusion which occurs to those who ignore the true nature of Israel Raja Chemayel fourth of December 2007 http://frustratedarabdiary.blogspot .com

Bismillah [IslamCity] how to bomb an intention ?

2007-12-05 Thread raja chemayel
The Shah of Persia when Iran was not Evil nor Terrorist. Seven (wise) information's and intelligence agencies in the US have declared that Iran has stopped its Nuclear programs in 2003, already . Meaning that, today, (end of) 2007 , Iran has no Nuclear Program

Bismillah [IslamCity] the world is in good-hands.

2007-12-09 Thread raja chemayel
Afghanistan was invaded because 9 Saudis-citizens and 2 Yemenis and one Lebanese have (allegedly) done the 911 attacks and non was afghanee. Iraq was invaded because Saddam Hussein should, allegedly,have had the Weapons of Mass Destruction, which he

Bismillah [IslamCity] Do not do to the others......

2007-12-09 Thread raja chemayel
, Hamas and myself are not wrong by requesting this logic Justice. More over , or alternatively , let us accept and implement all the UN-Resolutions and chronologicaly too . Raja Chemayel nineth day of December 2007 - Support the World

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Case of the closed-case.

2007-12-15 Thread raja chemayel
of Israel has nothing to do with any religion, not even the Judaism. Raja Chemayel not at all.. the Devil's Lawyer !! 13Th day of December 2007 - Sent from Yahoo! #45; a smarter inbox.

Bismillah [IslamCity] From Masada to Gaza

2007-12-15 Thread raja chemayel
, too. Indigenous-Semites on the inside and fascist-barbarians on the outside. It was a war of liberation , then and It is a war of liberation !! now. Raja Chemayel a christian Semite from the inside... 15Th of December 2007 (my brother's Khalil Birthday

Bismillah [IslamCity] A good neighbour is better than a far away friend

2007-12-16 Thread raja chemayel
of Lebanon are also divided...50/50 ?? A good-neighbour is better than any far-away-(false)friend !! (especially when this friend is the USA) Raja Chemayel 50% Lebanese and 50% normal. 16Th of December 2007 PS: How kosher is Khoushner ?? and How

Bismillah [IslamCity] important clip about the WALL

2007-12-18 Thread raja chemayel
Brothers and Sisters I highly recommend to watch this video-clip It is not nice nor pleasant to watch any Truth is not !! Raja .hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY:Tahoma }

Bismillah [IslamCity] Eid's Greetings

2007-12-18 Thread raja chemayel
all our other prophets,too . May the one and only , unique God who created all of us,shall reunite all of us in his love and his fear. Raja Chemayel a Christian in Islam 18.12.07 - Support the World Aids

Bismillah [IslamCity] Arrivederci Basrah

2007-12-18 Thread raja chemayel
Arrivederci !! Basrah The British army has retreated back completely , out of Basrah some call it redeployment , some call it retreat and some call it hand-over. depending from which angle you are looking at it or

Bismillah [IslamCity] The 19Th. of December 2007

2007-12-20 Thread raja chemayel
Ben Heine Lebanon still has no President while the USA has one too many !! Lebanon has UN-observers-forces to protect Israel's security although ,Israel has no UN-observers to protect the occupied Palestinians . The only liberated part of Palestine , Gaza

Bismillah [IslamCity] Two pieces of news

2007-12-20 Thread raja chemayel
Notice please ,the Bullet-Proof-Jacket of the Guy in the Middle who is carrying along his Hally-Burton-accounts-book 1. The (temporary) rulers of Iraq, known as the Government of the Green Zone, have decided to punish all the suicide-bombers who do not carry on

Bismillah [IslamCity] How to get rid of Israel and to save the USA , at the same time.......

2007-12-21 Thread raja chemayel
Separation of Church and State... Is a nice idea which started with the French Revolution and was adopted by the newly-born United States of America. But the striking coincidence is that all US Presidents , except but one Catholic, were all Protestant (Evangelical) and

Bismillah [IslamCity] next time......try Norway !!

2007-12-23 Thread raja chemayel
If you think that ,we the Arabs are fanatic-people, backward-people and all religious-fundamentalists, why would you then not just avoid us ??. next time. You came to our Iraq and invaded it , recently and you came 60 years ago and settled-down in our Palestine !!

Bismillah [IslamCity] who needs to listen to the confession of any liar ??

2007-12-23 Thread raja chemayel
document.write(cnnRenderT1TimeStamp(119878828));Blair converts to Catholicism Tony Blair, has converted to Catholicism, officials said Saturday. Blair had long been a member of the Church of England.

Bismillah [IslamCity] Santa Klaus will be much delayed this year

2007-12-25 Thread raja chemayel
in Bethlehem has no water nor electricity since Hamas took over the new-hotel-management. Raja Chemayel on behalf of , Dr. Sherlock Hommos PhD and Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom - Support the World Aids Awareness

Bismillah [IslamCity] B.Butho

2007-12-27 Thread raja chemayel
and then even pardoned , later on 4- The USA never disapproved of her Otherwise , I offer my condolences to her supporters and her family what ever she was or not were... democracy or rather plurality has made one step backwards. Raja Chemayel PS : most reporters are asking

Bismillah [IslamCity] Trade Marks Registration , to avoid the confusions

2008-01-04 Thread raja chemayel
Registered Trade Marks are an international registration-norm to protect the names , the signs and commercial symbols and logo. It is not 100% proof that nobody would copy it or try to copy it I , for example , am wearing a fake Swiss-Watch with a very

Bismillah [IslamCity] War and Peace

2008-01-06 Thread raja chemayel
,(1973), 1982 , 2006. Therefore , please bear in mind that for the Sate of Israel : Peace is the danger and Wars are beneficiary . Raja Chemayel much shorter than Tolstoy's 4Th of January 2008 - Sent from

Bismillah [IslamCity] the recepe for Democracy ??

2008-01-07 Thread raja chemayel
drawing: Ben Heine If and when , we all were wrong and that the USA and the UK went to Iraq really to restore Democracy then why did they revive and reinstall , in that same Iraq ?? : Theocracy Tribalism Regionalism Ahmed Chalaby Favouritism

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Other Wall and that other President

2008-01-10 Thread raja chemayel
Reagan the Wall and today.. As a great tradition of the Republicans especially , and US Presidents generally , great moments request great speeches. Do you remember President Roro Reagan , when

Bismillah [IslamCity] Gaza the Symbol

2008-01-23 Thread raja chemayel
and the Ghetto of Warsaw are fading away in a sea of banality...with all my due respect ! while Gaza replaces all symbols of liberation-Resistances. Where are Monsieur Sarkozy and that Bush ? why do they not ask Syria to get out of Gaza ?? Raja Chemayel 23.01,2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] Please note down

2008-01-26 Thread raja chemayel
Please note down in the Chronicles: The Regime of Mubarak, did not open the doors to Gaza The Gazeans have blown-up those doors. The goods the Gazeans are bying on the Egyptian side are not for free.they are paid for !! Raja Chemayel 24.01.2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] Three facts, three symbols

2008-01-30 Thread raja chemayel
perpetrators I hope that my suspicions are wrong. Raja Chemayel 28.Jan.2008 Visit my blog before any sniper finds me ! - Sent from Yahoo! #45; a smarter inbox.

Bismillah [IslamCity] How do you call a defeat ??

2008-02-01 Thread raja chemayel
. Long live the Liberation-wars !! To die for Liberty is to live for ever !! Raja Chemayel 30 Jan 2008 - Sent from Yahoo! #45; a smarter inbox.

Bismillah [IslamCity] Yesterday in Mauritania.....

2008-02-02 Thread raja chemayel
In Mauritania ,yesterday, the Israeli Embassy was set in fire. First Question : What the hell is an Israeli Embassy doing in Mauritania ?? Second Question : Did the Government ask the People of Mauritania if they ever want diplomatic relations with Israel

Bismillah [IslamCity] it does not get better

2008-02-03 Thread raja chemayel
Do not vote for anyone in the USA stay at home and enjoy some football on the TV. Who ever wins that election is not worth the trouble of you loosing half a day at the poll-station. He , she or it will not be better than those we have seeing already. I belong to a

Bismillah [IslamCity] the man who never shook hands with the Devil

2008-02-04 Thread raja chemayel
I am writing soon the who is who book of the Near-East-Theatre-of-bloody-drama's. Although it remains a matter of opinion what adjectives are to be given to each person, I would like to be short and clear on the late Dr. George Habash. El Hakeem. Quote : Dr.

Bismillah [IslamCity] Shopping in Dimona

2008-02-07 Thread raja chemayel
It is a unique situation in the history of capitalism and consumerism. because exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures Egypt being so independent from the USA, being so financially-non-reliant on the USA and having it own say in its

Bismillah [IslamCity] anti-war and US Candidates

2008-02-08 Thread raja chemayel
Most of the US presidential Candidates ,if not all of them , would like to stop the war in Iraq , until and unless all the Hummers are completely armoured, Those candidates do not want to see those murderers and invaders and torturers and rapist and blunderers and

Bismillah [IslamCity] The new-Nero

2008-02-10 Thread raja chemayel
is not ruling Tel Aviv. Rome survived the Christians and those Christians even took over Rome. When will Gaza rule Palestine ?? When will the New-Nero's ever learn , that Might without the Right is not worth the Fight !! Raja Chemayel aspiring to become a poet , while

Bismillah [IslamCity] predictions

2008-02-11 Thread raja chemayel
Obviously , the Republicans shall loose this election with any candidate because the USA wants to punish them , not for lying about Iraq , not for invading Iraq and Afghanistan , but rather for loosing the war in Iraq. The Democrats shall win with who ever will be

Bismillah [IslamCity] Goliath still has more.....than David

2008-02-12 Thread raja chemayel
and Asia , both together. Israel kills more Palestinians per any year than any Terrorist could ever try to reach It seems that Goliath still has more.. than David !! Raja Chemayel Helping David 12.02.08

Bismillah [IslamCity] a salute to the Bishop of Canderburry

2008-02-13 Thread raja chemayel
matters we need God and any God-written-laws and not any man-made-rules I congratulate Great Britain for this Great Arch-Bishop because GB needs such great-open-minds , after that shameful catastrophe and filth called : Tony Blair Raja Chemayel 13.02.08

Bismillah [IslamCity] Tolerance , Terrorism and Trauma's

2008-02-14 Thread raja chemayel
welcome such Terrorism !! Raja Chemayel 14.02.2008 PS : Rafik el Harriri is also commemorated today and also called Martyr (Shaheed) if this was the case. then Rafik Harriri was an awfully-rich-Martyr !! who died even richer

Bismillah [IslamCity] Israel has the right to defend itself

2008-02-15 Thread raja chemayel
to implement each and all United-Nation's resolutions. to defend a state that did nothing else but expansion, occupation,apartheid,ethnic-cleansing and colonialism. Israel has the right to defend itself from a natural-legal-liberation-struggle ?? Raja Chemayel 15.02.08

Bismillah [IslamCity] The day when Zionism was born,

2008-02-16 Thread raja chemayel
the Terrorists and they are called Victims. Raja Chemayel 16.02.08 visit my Blog ! before terrorism gets there.first., - Yahoo

Bismillah [IslamCity] HOW TO CURE A RAPIST

2008-02-19 Thread raja chemayel
If you were a a Psychiatrist, and you ought to treat a case of a serial-rapist. What you be the first step to do ?? I think that you will agree that the first step would be to see that this patient stops raping any new or old victim then and only then you ought to

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Star of David and the silent-Jews.

2008-02-23 Thread raja chemayel
is a sin..according to all the religions. Theft is a sin..but ,apparently, not for the Zionists. But Zionism is not a religion nor does it have anything to do.with any religion ! Raja Chemayel 21 of Feb.2008 - Sent

Bismillah [IslamCity] Waiting for gravity , to dot its job.

2008-02-25 Thread raja chemayel
The suicide of a Nation (asking for forgiveness !) Do not criticise Israel otherwise you will be labelled as being an Anti-Semite. ( and can never become as US president) Do not criticise Western-decadence otherwise you will be labelled as Muslim-fundamentalist.

Bismillah [IslamCity] USA , on its way to redemption.......needs Nader !!

2008-02-26 Thread raja chemayel
world even when the USA is a hopeless case !! Raja Chemayel (pretending to be a 9Th degree-cousin to Ralf) 25Th. of Feb-08 Visit my Blog before Steve Mashney gets there !! and calls me again Enemy of Palestine...unquote, http

Bismillah [IslamCity] The rapist of two cities...................

2008-03-06 Thread raja chemayel
older than me) and I cannot argue that Gaza and Beirut are not sisters , neither and that their rapist is but one and the same. I cannot argue that Lebanon cannot be free if and when Palestine is occupied !! Raja Chemayel safe in a stormy Netherlands.. 02 March

Bismillah [IslamCity] only the occupiers count !!!

2008-03-11 Thread raja chemayel
The Security Council of the United Nations shall surely condemn the recent killings in Jerusalem of yesterday But .. the massacres in Gaza , only one day earlier, are not within the jurisdiction of that same Security Council . Because , 8 Israeli occupying

Bismillah [IslamCity] The other Wall

2008-03-13 Thread raja chemayel
This the Berlin of the Desert... Egypt , or rather the Mubarak-regime counts as the big ally of the USA in the Middle East The USA has the arrogance, if not also the ignorance , to call Husny Mubarak as an influential-leader. in that same Middle

Bismillah [IslamCity] A Global-Warning........ instead of the Global-Warming

2008-03-21 Thread raja chemayel A Global Warning instead of a Global Warming The Global Warming is every-body's concern and World's poverty is also a global concern and Unemployment and AIDS are of the same calibre so are also Renewable Energy and the

Bismillah [IslamCity] The absolute supperiority of Israel

2008-03-22 Thread raja chemayel
Israel has superior ambulances. Israel has superior victims. Israel has superior Terrorists. Israel has superior settlers and Israel has superior

Bismillah [IslamCity] Gaza

2008-03-27 Thread raja chemayel
Gaza , is the only liberated part of the Palestian soil. And the rest must follow.. Raja Chemayel 24.03.2008 - Sent from Yahoo! Mail. More Ways to Keep in Touch.

Bismillah [IslamCity] one day after the ressurection.....

2008-03-28 Thread raja chemayel
?? Raja Chemayel one day after the ressurection in 2008 - Rise to the challenge for Sport Relief with Yahoo! for Good

Bismillah [IslamCity] The Collective Punishment of 95 percent of the Moslems

2008-03-31 Thread raja chemayel
there mosques also on floating-barges , just to avoid Geert Wilder's hysteria !! Raja Chemayel Praying in my Church .only until the day when G. Wilders shall call my Jesus as a Paedophile who spent his life with 12 boysand only one woman !! 31 of March 2008

Bismillah [IslamCity] 23 seconds to understand , why , how ?? and who ??

2008-04-01 Thread raja chemayel
How to issue an expert's opinion on the Middle Eastern affairs and on Arab Politics , within 23 seconds. Look at the attendance-list of the Arab League Summit today in Damascus.. those who decided not to attend to that conference are the Puppets of the

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