RE: Table caption placement inside table float

1999-05-17 Thread Juergen Vigna
behaviour of the caption, I found a way to trick it also by using minipages on the caption and giving it not enough space to center in the middle of the page. Greets Jürgen -._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._ Dr. Juergen Vigna E-Mail: [EMAIL

Re: latex_preamble+'mouse_middle_button'=LyX_crash!

1999-05-27 Thread Juergen Vigna
. Juergen Vigna E-Mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Gerbergasse 60Tel:+39-0471-450260 I-39100 Bozen Fax:+39-0471-970042 ITALY One thing the inventors can't seem to get the bugs out of is fresh paint. -._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._

RE: Correct way to insert umlauts

1999-06-09 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Jun-99 Michael Koehl wrote: Hello, I am writing a text in german and I am wondering wether there is a possibility to type umlauts in lyx without switching to Latex mode. If you own a german keyboard just select as document language german and type your normal 8-bit chars (f.ex.:

RE: Date and page number

1999-06-10 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 10-Jun-99 Fabien Briffod wrote: Hi, I am "trying" to write an article for a scientific review with LyX. The problem is that I must not have the date and the page numbers (or any headings) on the paper. How can I do that ? Use the headings option "Empty". Look in layout-document for

RE: Question.

1999-06-14 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 14-Jun-99 Congyue Liu wrote: Hello. I met some problems when I tried to install lyx on Linux Mandrake 5.3. I'll be very grateful if you can give me some advice. ./configure was passed normally, but when I typed make, some errors occured. The error information appeared in some files

RE: two questions :)

1999-06-28 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 25-Jun-99 Michael Shannon McPherson wrote: Is it possible to have page numbers printed in the upper right hand corner instead of at the bottom? Try to have a look at the fancy-headers package (the documentation should be in your LaTeX distribution somewhere :), with this you can

RE: Printing revisited and

1999-06-30 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 29-Jun-99 Hal Huntley wrote: Hello, Hi Hal! === start lyxrc.defaults file === # This file has been automatically generated by LyX' lib/configure # script. It contains default settings that have been determined by # examining your system. PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY ANYTHING HERE! If you # want

RE: Table crashing Lyx

1999-07-05 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 04-Jul-99 Julián Muñoz Domínguez wrote: Hello, Hi Julián! here I sent a file with a table. Go to the fist row (Starting with "maquina de gestion de red"), pulse right mouse buton, and delete row, until the last row. Then Lyx crashes. Thanks for this report!!! I fixed this in the

FAQ: Delete row in multirow-cells

1999-07-08 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 06-Jul-99 Julián Muñoz Domínguez wrote: Uhm... It works ! I didn't try it, because when I see "delete-row" in my mind there is the logical concept of row (the row of the final table, in oposition with columns), not the "rows" of one cell displayed in Lyx :-) Yes you're right here and

Re: FAQ: Delete row in multirow-cells

1999-07-09 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Jul-99 jdd wrote: and don't forget the powerfull "undo"feature of lyx, very usefull in such case. seriously, this seems to me very dangerous : same action, different results We could remove this multi-row feature hack and all wait for lyx-1.2 do have a clean solution. What do you

Re: Float placement questionr

1999-08-03 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 02-Aug-99 Jitse Niesen wrote: On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Henk Coetzee wrote: I'm busy with a document with a lot of figures, and have tried setting float placement to hp, h, !h and !hp, with no apparent logic in the results. I am trying to get the floats, most of which are a page big, to

Re: NEWS: TILDEM documented in local newspaper!!!

1999-08-10 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi Paul! Anyone care to provide a translation for those of us lacking in our (I assume) German-speaking skills :) It's really not that important. It just says that we met for a meeting as software developers of LyX. Then it says that there are people all over the world working on this

RE: Thanks for Help, Word Count?

1999-08-16 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 16-Aug-99 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I would like to thank everyone who helped me get my headers straightened out. Now I can plague George Plimpton at the Paris Review with my short stories. One last question, is there a LaTeX command, or otherwise a way in LyX, for taking the word count

RE: libc5 problem in Redhat 6.0 continued...

1999-08-17 Thread Juergen Vigna
I think this problem is there because you use the wrong xforms-library compiled for a libc5 system. You should upgrade the xforms library for the glibc2.1 system you have. Try to download it from ??? please someone who nows an xforms-glibc2.1-rpm fills in in the ??? otherwise there is a tar.gz

RE: Footnote Symbols

1999-08-18 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 18-Aug-99 Michael D. Mann wrote: Does anybody know how to change the symbols for footnotes? I need to use things like asterisks, daggers, double daggers, etc., and I can't figure out how to do this. It must be possible. I'm using Version 1.0.3. Thanks for your help. If you define

RE: Mac Word 98 to Lyx

1999-09-03 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 02-Sep-99 Ralph Boland wrote: 3) A minor problem I tried to print the users manual. However the construction of the tex file from the lyx file failed because the file 'rotating.sty' was not found. Lyx was installed by the computer administrators for the computer science

Re: latex symbols

1999-09-03 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 03-Sep-99 Christopher Sawtell wrote: Find a possible solution attached. I'm sending it to the list so that the experts in Europe can express an opinion. As Allan explained you have to use Math-Mode, but you don't have to use the ugly \(\) or $$ as we have native mathmode in LyX #:O) Look

RE: Tables stuff

1999-09-07 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Sep-99 Arcady Genkin wrote: I find that creating tables is quite an awkward process in LyX. What a shame -- the program handles everything else so gracefully. I heard other comments too, but probably that is really subjective :) I figured out I have to specify the table width

Re: import ascii into tables

1999-09-07 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Sep-99 Kayvan A. Sylvan wrote: I'd create a short LyX document with a small table. Then, look at the LyX document itself and write a quick perl script to generate the right LyX codes. That's our perl gurus ;) Jürgen

RE: Tables stuff

1999-09-07 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Sep-99 Oliver Eichler wrote: Hm, I am currently trying to convince my girlfriend to use lyx. Everything is quite fine for her, except the tables. She, too, moans a lot about the way tables are done in lyx. I have got the feeling that one of the biggest problems is the missing

RE: Tables stuff plus more

1999-09-07 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Sep-99 Oliver Eichler wrote: Maybe, it depends if you can give me a real cause ;). Just telling I don't like it and not saying what you don't like or how you would like things done is not very helpfull. You are right :), I am sorry. #:O) single line. And I doubt a real

Re: Tables stuff

1999-09-08 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Sep-99 Arcady Genkin wrote: Ok, *my* frustration with tables: 1. Table size. It would be very nice if the table would default to the size delimetered by page's margins. This is not posible and is a design option. LaTeX does permit tabulars larger then the page size and it's you

RE: Tables stuff

1999-09-08 Thread Juergen Vigna
What about having it displayed like a tooltip while moving lines, taken the case you would implement it the way I suggested. The only drawback I could see is that the interactive graphical editing of the column width would make people believe much more that the line breakes by lyx are

Re: Tables stuff

1999-09-08 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Sep-99 Michael Hanke wrote: You're right with this vertical alignment is not possible yet! If someone explains me how to do this in raw LaTeX I could add some support, but only in the upcoming 1.2 version! Maybe, I can help here: the array package as explained in the latex companion

RE: [LyX_users] Footnotes from table columns?

1999-09-10 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Sep-99 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I can't make a footnote from within a table. Is this a feature or a bug? Try to have a look at the TableExamples.lyx file in the examples-directory and you'll see how to realize this! Greets Jürgen

RE: Help! Where is LaTex?

1999-09-13 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 13-Sep-99 Huang Yan wrote: Dear Friend, Hi! I am new comer for LyX. Knew nothing about the LaTex. Can anybody help me to get (download) the software (LaTex) somewhere? First of all we need to know on what type of system you work, maybe there are already premade binary packages,

RE: problems with tabels

1999-09-14 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hallo Michael! I find it quite hard, to fill in the text properly being in Lyx mode. There are no line breaks within the columns, so a table exceeds easily the borders of my lyx-window. With float tables it is even more disappointing to work. They will be deformed, if their width excels the

RE: table problems

1999-09-14 Thread Juergen Vigna
If you delete a row, then this row will be deleted within all columns. I understand, that this is the definition of a row. Then I don't understand what you want? But I inserted c-enter to force line breaks for display purpose only. I had to, otherwise the table would have exceeded the

RE: Tables in Lyx

1999-09-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 15-Sep-99 Ravi Shankar Shamihoke wrote: Is it possible to stretch the sides of the tables till they cover the entire width of the page (though I may not write more than one word in each cell). Say, for example I have a 3x3 table and then a 4x4 table.. I want the extreme sides of both

Re: Q: multiple lines in one table cell (newbie)

1999-09-22 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 21-Sep-99 Ulrich Luttner wrote: It just seems to be impossible to get several paragraphs within one table cell... It is possible but only if you know a bit of LaTeX. If yes just look at the attached example file :) Greets Jürgen

RE: Cannot quit, when tmp-dir is missing

1999-09-23 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 22-Sep-99 Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote: Hello Lyxers, i have a script which deletes from time to time things in /tmp When lyx is running and the script deletes temporary lyx-files in /tmp, you can not quit lyx. Lyx complains: Error! Couldn't delete temporary directory It is

Re: Q: multiple lines in one table cell (newbie)

1999-09-23 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 23-Sep-99 Arcady Genkin wrote: Juergen Vigna [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: It is possible but only if you know a bit of LaTeX. If yes just look at the attached example file :) In this example, the why do the cells (3,2) and (4,2) come out differently in the dvi: first one as two columns

RE: Landscape figures

1999-09-23 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 23-Sep-99 Alessandro Coluccelli wrote: Hi there! Hi Alessandro! I'd like to insert a figure in landscape orientation (and the caption too), but I want the page-number in the normal position (at the bottom of an A4 page). I tried the landscape orientation in the layout document, but

Re: Q: multiple lines in one table cell (newbie)

1999-09-23 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 23-Sep-99 Arcady Genkin wrote: But I DID! Ok, [leaving now to double-check...] That's funny -- the Width field only appears to be set if right-clicked just before the first "\parbox" command in cell (4,2). I foolishly thought that Table Layout has same properties everywhere throughout

RE: Footnotes/ispell

1999-09-27 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 26-Sep-99 Peter J. Kunz wrote: Hi folks, two problems: - When I use enumerate or list and the list goes on over several pages, the footnotes come at the end of the list, not on the respective page. Is this problem solved now? I think this should be fixed - When spellchecking, GErman

RE: New name (Tagesordnungspunkte - TOPs) instead of Inhaltsver

1999-09-28 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 28-Sep-99 Jens Stolze wrote: Hi, I have to write a journal and I want to use "table of contents" (Inhaltsverzeichnis) to renumber the parts of the Text and make a table of contents. I am in trouble with the title of this section. I want to name it "Tagesordnungspunkte",

RE: large font in table cell touches line

1999-09-28 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 28-Sep-99 Darek Kedra wrote: Hi, I am trying to make a table in lyx, and got into this problem: When I increase font to "large" and make it bold, the cell does not seem expand vertically, and tops of my letters touch the top line. Well, almost. Is there any way in lyx menus to

RE: Table float longtable

1999-09-29 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 28-Sep-99 Darek Kedra wrote: Hi, I created in LyX (InsertFloats Wide Table Float) a rather longish table. I declared it as a longtable (Layout Table Layout Longtable), but what I got does not split at all between pages. How can I do this? You can't! The problem here is the

Re: New name (Tagesordnungspunkte - TOPs) instead of Inhaltsver

1999-09-29 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 28-Sep-99 Lars Gullik Bjønnes wrote: Jens Stolze [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: | Why is it so? Babel (the package that does the i18n)_does not setup things until "\begin{document}" is reached. I_guess that is the reason. Yes exactly, that's it :) Greets Jürgen

Re: to do

1999-09-29 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 29-Sep-99 Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote: JDaniel I just note a surprising feature : if I type in a table, the JDaniel table extend out of the paper. Shouldn't the lines wrap when JDaniel the table reaches the margin? worst, lyx doesn't scroll JDaniel horizontally, the table become

RE: Horizontal scroll bar bug?

1999-09-29 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 29-Sep-99 Panagiotis Melas wrote: Hello, The version of LyX I use is 1.0.3pre2 but I got the following problem: For some reason a table that I use in lyx is becoming too wide (because of laxex commands) but lyx does not activate a horizontal scroll bar, so I cannot see either the

Re: to do

1999-09-30 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 29-Sep-99 jdd wrote: You can use CTRL-Enter to work around this and break up a cell into more rows. Look at the UserGuide documentation for more info on this. Long Tables are long ones :) well, I can also handwrite the equations, but this is not an answer! I don't understand this!

RE: footnotes within floats

1999-10-01 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 30-Sep-99 Panagiotis Melas wrote: Hello, Is it possible to use a footnote in a table which is used as a float? I hope you know how to use footnotes in (normal) tabulars (otherwise have a look at the example files), for a float I would put the tabular in a minipage (have a look at he

RE: large font in table cell touches line

1999-10-01 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 30-Sep-99 Darek Kedra wrote: Dear Juergen, Thanks for your help, everything works as you wrote ;-). is it possible to get similar effect (large font not touching the lines) in tables with non-fixed cells width? If the whole tabular uses large fonts than probably you can put in the

Re: Footnotes/ispell

1999-10-04 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 01-Oct-99 Peter J. Kunz wrote: latin1 switch for german text? Otherwise it is ispell which does not recognize latin1 charachers! I had it on default and changed to latin1 with no difference. I didn't mean the latin1 in the document menu (you have to have that switched on if writing

RE: German Umlaute in English text?

1999-10-04 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 04-Oct-99 Torsten Mueller wrote: Hi, how can I put German Umlaute in an English document. Now these letters simply do not appear in the dvi output. Set Layout-Document-encoding to latin1 Greets Jürgen -._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._ Dr. Jürgen

RE: longtable paragraph alignment...

1999-10-05 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 05-Oct-99 Sven Gustke wrote: Hi! Is there a possibility to set a longtable to left paragraph alignment. The layout paragraph left alignment option does not working for me in dvi. In the LyX view of the longtable has the left alignment. Normal tables are ok! I'm using lyx 1.0.3.

RE: footnotes within floats

1999-10-06 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 01-Oct-99 Panagiotis Melas wrote: I am using a minipage environment but still have some difficulties because I want to have two separate footmarks pointing to the same footnote and some how I cannot make the same footmark being the same as the first one e.g. one is a letter

RE: Letter

1999-10-13 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 12-Oct-99 Vaills Laurent wrote: Is it possible to have a enhanced class letter in lyx ? Sure why not if it is a LaTeX classfile! Greets Jürgen -._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._ Dr. Jürgen Vigna E-Mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: inserting real space/lines

1999-10-13 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 12-Oct-99 Frederic Leymarie wrote: Folks How can I turn off in LyX the feature that erases blank lines automatically ?? This is not possible! I need to have these blank lines: it helps me think about the text on-line and then insert new text between paragraphs. Just insert a

Re: Margins

1999-10-14 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 14-Oct-99 lloy0076 wrote: Juergan and All: Could you send an example file? It's a bit hard to guess what's wrong only from your comments :) I have attached a sample file. On this particular file section 1.2 doesn't print at all. Furthermore it's touch and go whether the headers

Re: Help on Internationalisation

1999-10-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
Note that if you set the language at KDE level (through control panel), LyX should take this in account. Note that this is only valid for KDE-avare-applications I am working with KDE 1.1.1 and run LyX, but menu continues in english. (Note that another programs such kLyX, Kless, and a lot

RE: packages

1999-10-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 15-Oct-99 Rodrigo Esteves de Lima Lopes wrote: I'd like to know how to install some latex packages such as easy talbe, long table etc and, after this, make them work at lyx. This is not possible. There is native long-table support in LyX but you cannot use any latex-tabular-package

Re: export as postscript does not export anything

1999-10-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 15-Oct-99 Nabil Hathout wrote: File-ViewPostscript works fine (it launches gv on (/var/tmp/lyx_tmp206aaa/lyx_bufrtmp206aaa)/cliques.ps_tmp). I think the problem comes from a wrong parameter in the dvips command of the exportation (I saw "-t a4" instead of "-paper a4", as it should be

FAQ: inner table space

1999-10-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
Q: On 15-Oct-99 Joern Schmedt auf der Guen wrote: Hello, I'm trying to "shrink" a table but I don't want to use smaller fonts (I'm allready using "smallest"). I think that the best way is to reduce space between lines but I don't know I to do it . Is there someone who can help me ?

Re: New Prerelease lyx-1.1.1pre2

1999-10-14 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 14-Oct-99 Gorik De Samblanx wrote: Question : I was not able to use lyx1.0.4, since it is compiled against an unavailable library : bash$ ldd /usr/bin/X11/lyx1.0.4 = not found So you installed a binary package? I allready told this and will repeat it one

RE: SGML Docbook

1999-10-18 Thread Juergen Vigna
/usr/bin/jade:/usr/share/sgml/stylesheets/docbook/print/version.dsl:11:19:E: cannot find "../VERSION"; tried "/usr/share/sgml/stylesheets/docbook/print/../VERSION", "/tmp/lyx_tmp5868aaa/lyx_bufrtmp5868aaa/../VERSION" There are problems with that rpm packages as there are some missing links

RE: bug report: lyx-1.0.3/4 crashing when including .eps figures

1999-10-18 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 16-Oct-99 Russ Ross wrote: build today to confirm that the bug happened in the latest version. I have xforms V0.89. So I think this should be the last time I reply to this type of message. Would someone please put this on the web-page so that people are warned?

Re: file-fax

1999-10-19 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 19-Oct-99 Christopher Sawtell wrote: On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, bill jehle wrote: Does anyone know what to do to to get efax to work, my fax test checks out ok now, but I get "can't read file" in the log popup when I try to fax. I imagine it has something to do with file conversion.

Re: bug report: lyx-1.0.3/4 crashing when including .eps figures

1999-10-19 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi Richard! 1. WHAT IS xforms-library and It's a GUI library :) 2. how can I find on my SUSE-6.0-System which kind of this xforms-library is used ?? Try to do the command '/sbin/ldconfig -p | grep libforms' and see what you get. If you don't get anything then you have to download

Re: file-fax

1999-10-19 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 19-Oct-99 Christopher Sawtell wrote: That may be true, but in the practical situation you want to be able to receive faxes as well as send them. mgetty is _by far_ the best modem getty for linux, and it knows how to do faxes perfectly. You _have_ to install it if you wish to log in over

Re: file-fax

1999-10-20 Thread Juergen Vigna
OK to send a fax I can use; "fax send 1-###- file/" to send a ps file... I just tried it and at least that works. Do this: cat ~/.lyx/lyxrc \fax_command "fax send '$$Phone' '$$FName'" Ctrl-D This should create a file $HOME/.lyx/lyxrc with the right fax command! It may be that

RE: floats and tables

1999-10-20 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi Rodrigo! On 19-Oct-99 Rodrigo Esteves de Lima-Lopes wrote: Hi folks, I need to write some tables which are 2 or three pages long. However when I activate my longtable support my tables' floats are placed by the beging of the second page, by the pages' break, not at the begining of the

Re: file-fax

1999-10-20 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 20-Oct-99 Kevin Chu wrote: Juergen Vigna wrote: Do this: cat ~/.lyx/lyxrc \fax_command "fax send '$$Phone' '$$FName'" Ctrl-D This should create a file $HOME/.lyx/lyxrc with the right fax command! Oops, this would blow away any existing $HOME/.lyx/lyxrc! :) Maybe

RE: unknown device x11

1999-10-20 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 20-Oct-99 Tobias Klaus wrote: Hi, yesterday I tried to view ps from within lyx, and I got the following message: unknown device x11 postscript interpreter failed in main window You should look to what gs is linked to there is a gs.noX11 and a gs.X11 Jürgen

RE: Some layout problem

1999-10-21 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi Horst! On 21-Oct-99 Eyermann Horst PN KE DP T 11 wrote: Hello, I try to print some small document (a short story), which I would like to layout on a landscape A4 page, with 4 columns (2 columns on two A5 sheets, printed on one A4 page ?). So far I did not manage to find a solution on

Re: Why does TeX style use ~ for space?

1999-10-25 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 23-Oct-99 Lars Gullik Bjønnes wrote: As far as I can see this is close to the correct fix, but I_want some others to have a look at it befor I apply it. FYI:_ Text marged as Tex, and text in the TeX paragraph style should never be altered by LyX, and if LyX does alter the text it can

RE: Q: Lyx and languages

1999-10-25 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 25-Oct-99 Stefan Krischer wrote: Hi everybody, Is there a way to write mixed language texts with Lyx, e.g. german and hebrew or german and greek? You mean probably if words are then spellchecked with the right dictionary and if the hyphenation is correct. The answer to this is no, it's

Re: Why does TeX style use ~ for space?

1999-10-25 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 25-Oct-99 Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote: "Bruce" == Bruce Momjian [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Bruce OK, much cleaner patch attached, and it still fixes the Bruce problem. I am a little surprised no one else had this problem, Bruce but I guess most people use a single typewriter-style word in

Re: Rotating tables and caption

1999-10-27 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 27-Oct-99 Martin Vonwald wrote: Try to use the lscape package. Then add \begin{landscape} in front of your table and \end{landscape} after it. Be warned: the text will not be rotated in you dvi-preview but it will look right in ps-preview. This won't probaly work with a table-float (and

RE: margin notes in tables

1999-10-27 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 27-Oct-99 Hans-Martin Schulz wrote: When I try to use a margin/foot note in a table, lyx (Vers. 1.0.4) says "Impossible operation: Cannot cut table." If I try to to insert a margin/foot note in a table float, lyx does not react at all. How to get an foot note in a table (table float) ?

Re: Errors compiling lyx 1.1.1.

1999-10-29 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 28-Oct-99 Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote: It is because we are a bit confused too :) The only new requirement for lyx 1.1.x is: ``a good and recent enough C++ compiler''. Obviously gcc 2.7.x is not this compiler. However, I believe that the problem is more with the library provided with gcc

RE: Hi, is there any way to scan photographs, pictures, etc. an

1999-10-29 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 29-Oct-99 Ramin Yasdi wrote: Hallo, is there any way to scan photographs, pictures, etc. and include as objects into Lyx as Windows does? Sure just trasform them to EPS files and use the figure-inset! Greets Jürgen

RE: LyX 1.0.4 crashes w/ RH-Linux 6.1

1999-11-02 Thread Juergen Vigna
Is this a problem with LyX or with the forms library? Any idea to fix it? Why aren't people reading mail-archives * sight * !!! Use xforms 0.88!!! Jürgen -._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._ Dr. Jürgen Vigna E-Mail: [EMAIL

RE: lyx not finding html.sty

1999-11-03 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hello Pär! On 03-Nov-99 Pär Hansson wrote: Hello, I'm using Lyx-1.0.4 under Linux RH6.0. I'm using latex2html to produce html from my lyx docs. However, after having put it in my preamble, I'm having problems making lyx find the html package (html.sty from html2latex-98.1). I'll do it

RE: tables

1999-11-11 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 10-Nov-99 Rodrigo Esteves de Lima Lopes wrote: Hi folks... Hi Rodrigo! Does anybody know a package which prints messages such as "continued next page" in tables longer than a page? Did you look at the longtable option in the table-layout menu? Have a look at the documentation

RE: special characters and numbering pages

2000-01-04 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi Ramon! On 03-Jan-2000 Ramon Diaz-Uriarte wrote: Dear All, I am recent convert to Lyx (amazing program!); I have two questions: 1. Can I number a document starting at some arbitrary page number (say, 23)? How? \setcounter{page}{17} in TeX Mode (red text) or in the LaTeX-Preamble will

Re: Lyx Class Problem

2000-01-05 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 04-Jan-2000 Herbert Voss wrote: "Tracy T. Lunt" wrote: I have ben having a class problem with LyX. In Layout - Document - Class I see all of LaTeX's common classes, but I don't see the LyX classes (such as hollywood, broadway, ejour2, etc.) which are found in /usr/local/share/lyx/tex.

Re: Lyx Class Problem

2000-01-05 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 05-Jan-2000 Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote: Erm Juergen, it seems to me the question was about the cls files provided with LyX, which _do_ have layout files %-| So the answer _was_ right. Well better that way :) PS: did you mix beer and wine yesterday ? ;) No!!! (but the day before and

RE: Importing EPS images in Lyx

2000-01-07 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Jan-2000 Emanuele Gissi Alessia Franceschi wrote: Hi, Hi Emanuele! 3) qcad: it is good for me but does not export EPS Well you can print a PS image and then use ps2epsi to convert it to EPS. 5) stardraw (staroffice): the EPS files are well read by gv (and ghostscript) but if I

Re: bug concerning latex-code (?!)

2000-01-10 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Jan-2000 Lars Gullik Bjønnes wrote: | The same error occurs with small letters, e.g. | \small{hello} | I tried it now.. You just misunderstand how the \small cimmand works, first of all it does not take parameters, sot the correct way to tdo it is: {\small BSY} Right! But anyway I

RE: document-class suitable for regulations and minutes/record

2000-01-10 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Jan-2000 Ralf Nyren wrote: I recently got the job as secretary of a small computer society and since I've worked with LyX a while now I thought it'd be nice to write the minutes and regulations with LyX as well. But, I don't know which document-class one should use when writing

RE: bug in lyx 1.1.3

2000-01-14 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 14-Jan-2000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello there While i was tring to copy table form a document to another, lyx made me a cro dumped file. my table contains math symbole... does the 1.1.4 version correct this bug? Seems very strange. What exactly are you doing? Can you reproduce

RE: Importing files into a running LyX? (was Re: running LyX w/o

2000-02-02 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 02-Feb-2000 Ronald Florence wrote: netscape -remote "openURL("http://whatever.wherever") sequence used for netscape? I occasionally get email with lyx files attached as application/lyx. It would be useful to configure the mailer to import these directly into a running lyx. I

Re: world accessible /tmp files?

2000-02-04 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 04-Feb-2000 Andre Poenitz wrote: should be masked with '077' but it's probably not worth to start a huge discussion about this here. I understand what's going on and I have configured an appropriate solution for my systems. Well, is there any reason not to restrict tempfile access to

RE: Environment changes when i insert a figure or a table

2000-02-08 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 08-Feb-2000 Pierrick MELLERIN wrote: Hello, When i insert a figure or a table in an environment like #Definition or #Example, the environment changes and becomes "Standard" ... Is there a solution for staying in the current environment (#Definition, for example) when we insert a

Re: serious bug in 1.1.4fix1?

2000-02-25 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 25-Feb-2000 Richard A. Bilonick wrote: In my opinion, there are serious bugs in 1.1.4 with or without the fix. So serious that 1.1.4 is unuseable. Documents that printed perfectly in 1.0.1 look OK in 1.1.4 but they do not print correctly. The fonts are completely screwed up in the last so

RE: Table: C-Return behaviour,

2000-02-28 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 28-Feb-2000 Frank Derichsweiler wrote: Hi list, IMHO the behaviour of lyx 1.1.4fix1 within the table code is different from outside tables. Outside you can press C-Return in order to insert a line break, all text behind the cursor is moved into the new line. Inside a table cell (line

ANNOUNCE: italian lyx-user-web site

2000-02-02 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi All!!! I'm happy to announce that the LyX-User-Web has already partially been translated to italian BY Claudio Coco! You may try it out on: Hope you like it! Jürgen P.S.: This is work in progress only a few pages have been translated yet!!!

RE: multiple tables on same baseline?

2000-02-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 14-Feb-2000 Frederic Leymarie wrote: Hi folks I know how to put many figures on the same horizontal within an image float ... can i do the same with tables? within a table float; and if so, how? (and if not, why? ;) I don't know how you do it with figures with tabulars you have to

Re: multiple tables on same baseline?

2000-02-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
Hi! it's just a little bit tricky, but have a look at the atached LyX-file. the only problem is to center the tables, you have to try some values for the minipage size. Well done! #:O) Here is the LyX version of what you did ;o) Ciao Jürgen

RE: Long table from file

2000-02-15 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 15-Feb-2000 Emanuele Olivetti wrote: Hi, This is my problem. I have to include a list of results in my thesis, i.e. a table with 120 lines and 5 columns, taken from a file (results.txt, an ASCII file, 120 lines and 5 columns obviously :-) ). Is there a way to insert files in LyX/LaTeX

RE: Bug when i insert a table in an environment

2000-02-17 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 17-Feb-2000 Pierre Pacaud wrote: Hello, I would to insert a table with 1 column and 1 row (to frame a mathematical result ; anyway, is there another solution for framing a mathematical result ?) in the definition environment, for example. On the screen, there is no problem. But, in

RE: exiting table

2000-02-18 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 18-Feb-2000 Ambrose Kofi Laing wrote: This is a very simple problem. I've created a table, and am in the lower right cell. I just want to move on out of the table to start the next paragraph. How is this done? Is this in the docs? Try the cursor keys, would that do the trick :) (if

RE: tabular cell alignment ...

2000-02-18 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 18-Feb-2000 Sven Gustke wrote: Hi, My table is simple I think, but I'm not able to make it in LyX. The first column is 50mm with block alignment and the second has to be 90mm but with right alignment. After setting the width of the second column to 90mm I can not change the alignment

Re: multiple tables on same baseline?

2000-02-21 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 18-Feb-2000 Frederic Leymarie wrote: BTW I used the lyx file; it works nicely ;) Two additional questions: (1) how to put a caption under the two individual table captions going accross the full width of the page (a sort of meta-caption for both tables) ? (2) how to reduce

Re: Launching LyX from Netscape?

2000-02-21 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 21-Feb-2000 Herbert Voss wrote: mime type is text/plain choose program lyx %s Well I guess you should choose as type text/x-lyx or application/x-lyx Greets Jürgen -._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._-._ Dr. Jürgen Vigna E-Mail: [EMAIL

RE: multicolumn or whatever

2000-03-07 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 07-Mar-2000 Prof. Wolfgang Engelmann wrote: I want to use cell 2 and 3 of the uppermost row of a table without a border for a common heading), but the cells below this header in column 2 and 3 should be separated. I have tried to follow the descriptions in the documents, but I can't get

RE: LetterTemplate

2000-03-06 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 06-Mar-2000 Eildert Groeneveld wrote: Hello everyone we have been using LyX for quite some time and are very happy with it. However, one thing is still missing: that is the letter head of our institution. There are a number of letter styles available but it is unclear to me how to modify

RE: Long table (in a float) problem

2000-03-20 Thread Juergen Vigna
On 18-Mar-2000 Diego A. Puertas F. wrote: Hello list OK, I have a long table, inside a float, and it won't split in two pages. When I got it out of the float, it works just fine, breaking just in the row I've said so. I even had make two tables out of my original table, put both of

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