RE: [PHP] Logo proposal - voting script!

2001-12-14 Thread Andrew Chase
Hmm, I get a 404 error as of 17:44 GMT. I hope that 'Mole' is one of the options on the list... I'm kind of inclined to defer to Rasmus on the issue anyway, what with him being the guy responsible for creating PHP in the first place. :) I'm also keeping in mind that (unless I missed something),

RE: [PHP] PHPhish Logo

2001-12-14 Thread Andrew Chase
Already used by PostgreSQL :) -Original Message- From: John Lim [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] P for Pachyderm! -- PHP General Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For additional commands, e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To

[PHP] Has anyone tried Serlient?

2002-01-03 Thread Andrew Chase
Per Triplehash's website at Triplehash Serlient lets you package, run and distribute your PHP and CGI-based websites into Windows software. Serlient does its work by combining intelligent web-server simulation software and web-browsing (Internet ExplorerR)


2002-01-23 Thread Andrew Chase
-Original Message- From: Joffrey van Wageningen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 7:35 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [PHP] PHP Chat REALTIME the real problem is how to get the data to the client without use of a socket I've been tinkering with

[PHP] RE: Creating a pdf document

2002-01-24 Thread Andrew Chase You'll need Thomas Mertz' PDFlib, which is free for personal/not-for-profit use, but requires a license fee for commercial use: -Andy -Original Message- From: Mihail Bota [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Wednesday,

[PHP] RE: Building my site... again - somewhat OT

2002-01-28 Thread Andrew Chase
Hi Torkil, You may want to head over to Webmonkey and read their article about Search Engine optimization: A few key points that have proven very helpful with my personal web site: • A central crawler index with links to each page on my

RE: [PHP] Can this be done in PHP?

2002-02-04 Thread Andrew Chase
You might want to take a look at PhpAdsNew, a banner rotation/management system using PHP and MySQL: The system's admin tools assume that you're selling ad space, but there's no reason you couldn't use it for a banner exchange instead. -Andy On Fri,

RE: [PHP] Oddity

2002-02-04 Thread Andrew Chase
You can also do ? $macroDataArray = mysql_fetch_array($result,MYSQL_ASSOC) foreach(array_keys($macroDataArray) as $elementkey){ echo Value for key $elementKey = $macroDataArray[$elementKey]br\n; } ? (mysql_fetch_array uses MYSQL_BOTH for the second argument by default, which

[PHP] RE: Creating Tab-Delimited Text File

2002-02-07 Thread Andrew Chase
Which part are you having trouble with, specifically? The task as you've described it is very straightforward, almost pseudo-code. :) -Andy -Original Message- From: Phillip S. Baker [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2002 12:32 PM To: PHP Email List Subject:

[PHP] RE: Option for Serial or Comm port communication with PHP?

2002-02-26 Thread Andrew Chase
I don't about accessing a serial port directly from PHP, but you can control an X10 Firecracker on a Linix/BSD system by using the exec() command to run BottleRocket: I threw together a script that would turn a lamp on and off from a web page without to much

[PHP] RE: mysql and telnet.

2002-03-01 Thread Andrew Chase
Hmm, I'm assuming you're paying someone to host your site? Can't you give the hosting company a quick call or e-mail re: whether or not they offer MySQL? They would probably know better than we would. ;) -Andy Thanks for the advice... But now I need to know what all this means:

[PHP] RE: OOP .. I just don't get it.

2002-03-05 Thread Andrew Chase
Well, the 'Table' class is definitely of limited usefulness.. but where classes come in especially handy is when you want to build reusable code for handling common tasks, like, for instance, MySQL connections and queries... so that your PHP code looks something like


2002-03-29 Thread Andrew Chase
FTP with raw sockets is a little bit tricky because it actually requires a second 'data' socket to be opened for each upload/download command. Check out this excellent FTP class, which *doesn't* require PHP to be compiled --with-ftp: And of

RE: [PHP] Re: Forms in PHP

2002-04-12 Thread Andrew Chase
May I also suggest that you rewrite your echo statements as: echo 'OPTION VALUE=donateDonate this item/OPTION'; Vastly improves legibility. It's a problem, however, if you want to include a PHP variable in that echo statement, if you're populating a SELECT menu with a loop, for instance;

[PHP] XHTML tag attribute quoting (Was Re: Forms in PHP)

2002-04-12 Thread Andrew Chase
Are single quotes valid around tag attributes in XHTML? I skimmed over the W3C XHTML 1.0 spec before posting the previous message and got the impression all attributes had to be double quoted. It would be great if single quotes were valid, since I've fallen into the habit of using them for the

RE: [PHP] PHP to create static images

2002-06-24 Thread Andrew Chase
To save an image to disk with the imagepng/imagejpg/imagewbmp functions all you have to do is give the file name as the second parameter to the function; so if you wanted to call the first graph 'graph1.png', it would go something like ?php $graph = imagecreate(320,240); /* (Draw the graph

RE: [PHP] Image aliasing

2002-06-24 Thread Andrew Chase
Hi Morgan, None that I'm aware of. I guess this is somewhat OT, but does the person you're giving the images to realize that resizing the images by means of the HTML width/height attributes doesn't do anything to size of the file the person viewing the page has to download? I don't know the

RE: [PHP] redeclaring functions

2002-06-26 Thread Andrew Chase HTH, -Andy -Original Message- From: Taylor York [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] I am having a problem with two scripts that use the same function name. The two functions do

RE: [PHP] parsing of SSI scripts.

2002-07-03 Thread Andrew Chase
I'm not sure if Apache will recursively process documents this way (Perl script - HTML output with embedded PHP - parsed PHP), but what about adding this HTTP header to your PERL script's output before the HTML/PHP code: Content-type: application/x-httpd-php That way Apache would (in theory)

RE: [PHP] Editing Word Documents

2002-07-09 Thread Andrew Chase
Hmm, I don't know about intercepting the Save As... option from word to trigger a PHP URL, but you could direct people to save their edited word files to a specific directory on a network share on a PHP-enabled server (easy enough on a Windows network, and not too much harder with Samba on

RE: [PHP] Security with XML

2002-07-10 Thread Andrew Chase
You could store passwords as MD5 hashes which of course is NOT really encryption, but it would obfuscate the users' passwords. They would still be vulnerable to social engineering (Hmm, I'll try his wife's name, then his dog's name, then his phone#, etc) and brute force (I'm going to run every

RE: [PHP] using pdf template

2002-07-11 Thread Andrew Chase
There are a couple of different PHP classes that people have written to make PDF creation easier... maybe they would streamline the process enough that you can make them from scratch after all. I didn't know about those the last time I had to deal with

RE: [PHP] Re: gd -1:image resolution 2:font quality

2002-07-12 Thread Andrew Chase
The GIMP is free (as in speech), and I've found it to work quite well on windows: The GIMP for Windows page: -Andy -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] My idea to solve the problem: 1:Picture

RE: [PHP] Any PHP editor for windows

2002-07-18 Thread Andrew Chase A helpful Emacs resource: Be sure to download php-mode for Emacs, too! And PSGML if you do much with HTML/XHTML/XML:

RE: [PHP] Re: PHP Security Advisory: Vulnerability in PHP versions 4.2.0

2002-07-23 Thread Andrew Chase
If all you're doing is applying the patch (not adding/removing any extensions), you should be able to use ./config.nice which will use all of the configuration commands from your last compile (This is an extremely handy thing if your GD/Freetype setup was particularly ornery the first time

RE: [PHP] MySQL Backup and Restore

2002-07-24 Thread Andrew Chase
I encountered that same timeout problem once, and I wound up just installing my own copy of PhpMyAdmin in an .htaccess protected directory on the server, and extending the time limit there. It only took about 10 minutes to set up, and as an added bonus it was a more recent version of PhpMyAdmin

RE: [PHP] _SERVER variable insd prnt sttmnt

2002-04-30 Thread Andrew Chase
For the sake of legibility you could always assign the contents of $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] to another variable before using it in the print statement: $PHP_SELF = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; print LIA HREF='$PHP_SELF?letter=$chars[$cnt]'; Shouldn't be a problem security-wise as long as register_globals

RE: [PHP] web services and PHP

2002-07-31 Thread Andrew Chase
There is also a PEAR SOAP package available: Some web services also use XML-RPC, a simpler predecessor to SOAP: There are a couple of PHP classes available for implementing XML-RPC clients and servers:

RE: [PHP] Creating Image...

2002-07-31 Thread Andrew Chase
To write a GD image to disk as a jpeg, do this instead: $im = imagecreate(50,100); imagejpeg($im, test/im.jpg); You don't need to use file handlers. Of course, without doing anything like adding text or lines to $im, it will just be written to disk as a blank image. :) -Andy -Original

[PHP] RE: WebMail Client

2001-10-02 Thread Andrew Chase
You might want to take a look at Netmania. ( Caveats: I helped install Netmania at a former employer back in February 2001, and with the then-current distribution we had all kinds of trouble setting it up until we realized that it depended on having *all* error handling

RE: [PHP] php hosting

2001-10-22 Thread Andrew Chase
They've been mentioned on the list before, but I had a great experience with Apache, PHP4, MySQL, and shell access via SSH (and the ability to compile your own software in a /home/youraccount/bin directory). I hosted a site with them for a few months earlier this year before taking

[PHP] RE: Forms and Netscape -- spacing problem -- Help!

2001-10-22 Thread Andrew Chase
It's almost certainly not W3C compliant, but if your form is inside a table (I know, I know - you're not supposed to use tables for layout) you can hide the FORM tags outside the TD tags of the cell containing the form: E.G.: table tr form action='somescript.php'

[PHP] RE: dude

2001-11-16 Thread Andrew Chase
I'm cheap too. That's why I use a free editor that does support line numbers, like ConTEXT ( or EMACS. It's been a long time since I had debugged anything in PERL, but it seems to me that knowing exactly which line the problem is occurring on is a lot more

[PHP] RE: php-general Digest 23 Nov 2001 14:10:17 -0000 Issue 1011

2001-11-26 Thread Andrew Chase
You might want to give 'wget' a try - it's a GNU utility for downloading mirrors of web sites: If you use it with the '-r' and '-k' options it will crawl your site recursively, and convert absolute links to relative ones in the downloaded HTML files.

RE: [PHP] Dynamically created dropdowns

2001-12-04 Thread Andrew Chase
That's true, but you could use PHP and the MySQL data to generate the JavaScript arrays for the dynamic menus... you can escape into PHP within the SCRIPT tags of an HTML page just as easily as you can within the HEAD or BODY tags. -Andy -Original Message- From: Michael Hall

RE: [PHP] : IIS server doesn't recognize PHP pages

2001-12-04 Thread Andrew Chase
I'm not at all familiar with IIS, but in Apache terms it sounds like a MIME type problem; the server doesn't know what to do with .PHP files, so it assumes they're something that should be sent as a download/attachment instead of parsing with PHP and sending as HTML - I would imagine there would

[PHP] RE: banner management system

2001-12-04 Thread Andrew Chase
Try PhpAdsNew - it uses a MySQL backend: It may not be what you're looking for if your site gets *extreme* amounts of traffic, but otherwise it's quite capable. (And free. :) ) -Andy -Original Message- From: Ali [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

RE: [PHP] Re: Image problem

2001-12-07 Thread Andrew Chase
PHP needs to be compiled with libjpeg and libpng in addition to the GD library to use those formats respectively. The PHP manual section covering image functions (including those for manipulating JPEGs and PNGs) is at -Andy -Original

RE: [PHP] Logo proposal

2001-12-11 Thread Andrew Chase
Maybe an animal beginning with P would be a good Mnemonic device (and good for alliteration; think The PHP Panda or The PHP Platypus.) Hmm, I guess Panda and Platypus aren't particularly powerful animals, though. :/ Other animals beginning with P: Pelican Panther (cheesy) Polliwog Protozoa Of

[PHP] RE: could i get a clue?

2001-08-15 Thread Andrew Chase
No sure how you mean 'calling' the script... but in addition to using something like document.location='myscript.php' It would theoretically be possible to pass javascript variables to a PHP script in the same way by using something like var foo = Some Text; var bar =

[PHP] RE: ImagePNG problem

2001-08-20 Thread Andrew Chase
Make sure you have GD 2.0.1 and PHP 4.0.6 or later for creating true-color PNGs, per the manual: -Andy -Original Message- From: Adrian Ciutureanu [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Is there any way to tell ImagePNG() to create

[PHP] RE: What development environment do you use for PHP?

2001-08-27 Thread Andrew Chase
I keep my web documents in a CVS repository on a Linux box, and use WinCVS (GNU) to check files in and out on my WinNT desktop. I use ConTEXT (freeware) for editing. Documentation and help are always available at and I have an Apache 'staging' server, and to keep the

RE: [PHP] RE: What development environment do you use for PHP?

2001-08-27 Thread Andrew Chase
WinCVS is available from - they also have Mac and X versions, although I've never tried them. -Andy -Original Message- From: John Meyer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Where do you get WinCVS , by the by? -- PHP General Mailing List ( To

RE: [PHP] image code

2001-06-20 Thread Andrew Chase
I wrote thumbnailing script that did exactly what you said below, but to eliminate the needless regeneration of existing thumbnails I just did a check to see if the thumbnail already exists: if(!file_exists(/path/to/thumbnail.jpg)){ //Create the thumbnail here } If the thumbnail

[PHP] RE: bad form...

2001-06-20 Thread Andrew Chase
As long as your code is well-formatted and well-commented, I don't think it's a problem, especially for simple forms for quick DB inserts or sending e-mail. You can do nice error handling without annoying Javascript alerts, too; when the form is submitted you can check for missing/invalid field

RE: [PHP] protect source code

2001-06-21 Thread Andrew Chase
You might want to check out APC - an open-source alternative to Zend's commercial product. I've never used it, but it looks pretty good: -Andy -Original Message- I am on a project and the issue that struck me is how to protect my source codes

[PHP] RE: upgrading to gd2.0.1

2001-07-06 Thread Andrew Chase
If you want to manipulate PNG or JPEG images, you need to make sure you have the PNG and JPEG libraries, and recompile PHP with GD as before, and adding --with-png-dir=/path/to/pnglib, --with-jpeg-dir=/path/to/jpeglib For the complete list of compilation options, see

RE: [PHP]somebody help me out here!

2001-07-09 Thread Andrew Chase
There's a search engine optimization tutorial at Webmonkey: It mentions doing the Amazon-style search-engine friendly URLs and links to a page about mod_rewrite for Apache:

[PHP] RE: sorting results of opendir()

2001-07-09 Thread Andrew Chase
Try reading the directory contents into an array, sorting it, *then* outputting the contents of the array: $dir = opendir(.); $dirlist = array(); $index = 0; while($file = readdir($dir) $file != . $file != ..){ $dirlist[$index++] = $file; } sort($dirlist); foreach($dirlist as

RE: [PHP] Upcoming wrox php/flash book?

2001-07-13 Thread Andrew Chase
Also, PHP's .SWF generating capabilities aside, PHP could also be used to generate included text on the fly - I forget the exact command, but I know you can define the contents of a variable from an external file in Flash. This would lend itself to updating a newsfeed or What's New blurb within a

[PHP] RE: report generation with PHP

2001-07-16 Thread Andrew Chase
There's more than one way to skin a cat - if not directly from PHP to PDF, why not PHP to a .TeX LaTeX file, then use exec() to run latex and dvi2pdf on it. No license restrictions there that I know of, and you can get some very nice results with LaTeX. -Andy -Original Message- From:

RE: [PHP] can't get gd working at all

2001-07-26 Thread Andrew Chase
Glad your host got that straightened out - for future reference, an easy way to look at the server's PHP config is to make a page using phpinfo - ? phpinfo() ? It will show you whether GD (and other extensions) are installed, as well as the image format(s) supported and whether or not Freetype