[Zope-dev] Is ZFormulator alive?

2001-03-12 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Arno said: I am currently checking ZFormulator and could import the demo, but was unable to add new input fields. From a post by Steve Spicklemire to the Zope list, October, 27th, 2000: " line 312: Form.py should be: __roles__ = ('Manager',) " This was quickly retrieved by

[Zope-dev] SAP DB -- ZODB ?

2001-03-11 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Kapil said: looks like it will instantly become the most advanced open source database out there. my current rankings of the general os rdbms in terms of features postgresql-interbase-mysql Keep in mind that (even though) it is an effective "general os rdbms", PostgreSQL was originally

[Zope-dev] State of ZPatterns

2001-03-11 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Itai wrote: My understanding was, though, that TransWarp will replace ZPatterns as the best tool for object model based development, which means that the idea of developing ZPatterns code with a view for long term future reuse suddenly isn't that attractive. My inclination exactly. I

[Zope-dev] zope and java

2001-02-06 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Mike asked: Can zope work with Java yet? If so, please point us in the right direction. Phil responded: I'll recap. There is a piece of software under development called JPE. This is supposedly going to be or even is a Jave-Python gateway in effect. It should allow you to use Java

[Zope] PopMail Client

2001-01-31 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi David, I'm looking at your Pop3 Client tool for Zope and have hit a snag. Is there any documentation about correct usage, or example (Zope) code? I'm using Zope 2.2.1 on Redhat Linux, with PopMailBase .0.0.3, and PopMail .0.0.2 I have looked over POP.py, and have a glimmer of what to do to

[Zope] Re: PopMail Client

2001-01-31 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
/lib/python1.5/poplib.py, line 146, in _shortcmd File /l01/Zope-2.2.1-linux2-x86/lib/python1.5/poplib.py, line 125, in _getresp error_proto: (see above) "Spicklemire, Jerry" wrote: Hi David, I'm looking at your Pop3 Client tool for Zope and have hit a snag. Is there any documenta

[Zope] FW: MS-SQL Server Connector

2001-01-22 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Adrian I tried this about 6 months ago. It seems that Micro$oft changed that protocol that SQL7.0 uses, just enough to prevent Sybase connectors from working. (I probably should have mentioned 7.0 in the message... sorry) Ouch! There are some other options, a few of which I've tried,

[Zope] RE: Workflow and document management system in Zope

2001-01-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Nicolas, Your last post mentioned: I am looking for a workflow (WF) linked to a electronic document management (EDM) system and a groupware email based In addition to other links, you might want to check out ZopeGUM, and ZUBBS, http://www.zope.org/Members/morphex/ZopeGUM

[Zope] MS-SQL Server Connector

2001-01-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Adrian asked: Is there a database connector or similar for MS-SQL Server that might run on non-windows Zopes? Check out http://www.zope.org/Members/TheJester/SybaseDA , and please let the list know how it goes. We all need to help each other with these little puzzles. Good luck, Jerry S.

[Zope] RE: Workflow and document management system in Zope

2001-01-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Nicolas, For you, when would such products be considered ready for production ? The most important factor can be viewed from two perspectives, neither precluding the other. The ideal state arrives when complete documentation is available, or at least one person on the deployment team

[Zope] RE: Tools used for programming Zope

2001-01-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Gerald, http://www.zope.org/Members/sspickle/ZCVSMixin Since this converts between CVS and Zope already, have you thought about the possibility of exporting it directly onto the filesystem? Since CVS is file based, everything you export is stored as a file during the CVS phase. One

RE: [Zope] RE: Workflow and document management system in Zope

2001-01-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
This may be the link you were thinking of: http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/formal/corba_business_specifications _av2.htm with the Corba Workflow Specification available as a .PDF. Thanks for the interesting URLs on workflow discussions. Corba Ecommerce has very interesting and

[Zope] Tools used for programming Zope

2001-01-18 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Gerald said: I need to have source code readable on the filesystem independent of a Zope server, so that I can do things like CVS them, use any editor on them, grep them, etc. It seems that my only choice is to write products in Python itself, instead of using the web interface of Zope,

[Zope] Workflow and document management system in Zope

2001-01-18 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Nicolas said: I am looking for two products: a professional workflow and a electronic document management system, preferably in Zope or opensource if not in Zope. These 2 applications should be able to work together. Some of this is now in the Portal Toolkit (PTK) soon to be re-named and

[Zope] RE: Problem on using nested dtml-ifdtml-in

2001-01-17 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Oops! What I meant to say was: "The only /dtml-if tag you need is that final one." (see prior post on this topic) Later, Jerry S. ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross posts or

[Zope] Problem on using nested dtml-ifdtml-in

2001-01-16 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Angie asked: The problems is i'm not sure my dtml in order to control the loop of choosing the correct sql in the right situation. The following is my DTML:- dtml-if "_["dtml-var custid"]==custid","_["dtml-var custname"]==custname" dtml-in sqlSearchcust1 /dtml-if dtml-elif

[Zope] Zope 'Best Practices'?

2001-01-08 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Steve wonders: Is there anything like a Zope 'Best Practices' document or Wiki? One that would encourage use of certain practices, DTML idioms or products, and warn of practices, idioms or products that are known to cause problems down the line or are slated for extinction? I ask

[Zope] ZDESIGN IDEAS = How to improve 'manage' ?

2001-01-08 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Jason mentioned : The need to improve the manage interface has grown urgently clear to me while using Zope myself, designing for all sorts of community and collaborative Zope-based projects, demos for a number of innocent bystanders, interested parties and potential clients. Zope

[Zope] Creating a Database connection.

2001-01-06 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Darren wrote: I am very new to the Zope idea. I like what Zope is trying to do. But I am trying to set up an external SQL database connection While it would be ideal for one set of instructions to serve every possible requirement, in reality it will be best for you to provide as much

[Zope] Deleting Connection that hangs Zope

2001-01-04 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Zope Fans, Has anyone found a good way to delete a Database Connection that hangs Zope at startup? The connection seems to be waiting "forever", and so there is no access to the Zope interface, so of course I can't delete, or disable the offending object. If there were just a way to set it

RE: [Zope] Deleting Connection that hangs Zope

2001-01-04 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Steve suggested: You could remove the adaptor Product from Zope the Zope Products folder and restart, the object will be broken, but deletable, then restore the Product and restart Zope. Good Idea! That's about as simple as this sort of thing can get, I suspect. Has anyone found a good

[Zope] Belated Birthday!

2000-12-30 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hey Zope Folks, Maybe I missed it, but did anyone else realize that Zope's 2nd birthday snuck by without a party?! Maybe the DC Gang are planning something based on an official ship date of some specific version, but anyhow, Happy Birthday, Zope! ** || |\/| |\/| ( \/ ) Later,

[Zope] Z-Commerce components

2000-12-28 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Jason wonders: Looking for an e-commerce tool to use for a Zope-based site for artists to share, display and sell 'net art' and more. Also to allow sponsors to do just that. snip 1. What do you recommend for taking credit card purchases online with Zope? The Wampum Generator is available

[Zope] Turn Off Rampant Capitalization?

2000-12-28 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Kyler said: it'd be great if someone would say something like "Oh, yeah, just set 'capitalize_everything' to 'off'..." i can't tell you where to look, but as for "what" to look for, try searching for: string.capwords( or, in dtml entity syntax: dtml.capitalize- good luck! jerry s.

[Zope] RE: Z-Commerce components

2000-12-28 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Jason asked: Do you know is anyone _using_ Wampum : a. For handling real transactions, or is it still in development stages ? b. With Etailer's Zope kit? This URL will have to be "reconstituted, but check out: http://zope.nipltd.com/public/lists/commerce-archive.nsf/1201f301bbb3337c802

[Zope] ANNOUNCE: Zope 2.3.0 alpha 1 released...

2000-12-11 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Outstanding! Sometimes I wonder if ther rest of the Open Source world has a glimmer of how FAST Zope is developing. let alone commercial vendors. Can't wait to dig in! Congratulations to all, Jerry S. ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [Zope] string splitting in dtml

2000-12-06 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Mike said: I tried what you recommended and got the following error: Error Type: AttributeError Error Value: __getslice__ The problem I think is that the variable is drawn from the database as type date (Microsoft Access 2k) and somehow is cast into a date type. Is there a way to

[Zope] Problem with DCOracle interface for Python

2000-12-04 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Slim Says: I am having a problem when I try to run a python application on a Sun server: We had some problems like this too. If memory serves, an incompatibility between older versions (Oracle 7.x) of the Oracle Networking package, and the new version (Oracle 8) of the database "backend" was

[Zope] string splitting in dtml

2000-12-04 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Mike asked: I have a date string (ie dd/mm/yy) which I'm drawing out of a database (ODBC connection to Access) with a Z SQL method and I need to use that data to set the initial condition of a set of 3 select items (ie day, month and year). Is there a way to split this date (it'll come out

[Zope] Problem with escaped double quotes

2000-11-17 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Aitor asked: My problem is this : dtml-let foo=3D" ' blaublau : " fdsaf " df ' " /dtml-let It doesn't work 'cause I can't escape the doble quotes inside the string= I'm trying to eval. Any solution??? If I recall correctly, the work around I've used is to store the text, including

[Zope] why DTML confusing

2000-11-10 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Irene says: I get so frustrated with DTML, I want to scream. Please don't tell me to buy the Zope book, DTML should be more intuitive. DTML maybe the heart of Zope, but it's also it's achilles heel. You're right about the confusion, frustration, nor are you alone. Still, DTML isn't

[Zope] ZMethod (Safe)

2000-11-09 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hello Linguistas, Shorter is better. In this light, my recommendation was "mod", short for MODule, and / or MethOD, but it didn't get into the Poll List. We've pretty much settled on restricted/unrestricted here. Also, I suggested "strict" as a shortened form of "reSTRICTed". Perhaps to

[Zope] CMS/publishing system

2000-11-03 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Pete asked: How well does Zope integrate applications/cgi's written in ASP, Cold Fusion, Perl, etc...? As we've got a number of things we'd prefer to keep as is, and run alongside Zope. and added: Is it possible? I'm thinking that with Apache and mod_rewrite it would be doable (using

[Zope] redirect on Authorization

2000-11-03 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Daniel says: We have a very large site and many of Users bookmark pages. This can cause several problems especially if the site layout changes, security changes at different levels and a user bookmarks a result pages that depends on previous page(s) submissions. Yes, it's easy to

[Zope] IMAP and Zope!

2000-11-01 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Morten says: If this sounds interesting, send me an email.=) Is this one OK? I'm developing an Outlook/WorldPilot replacement which is much more modular in design. It will be released under the GPL. When and where I don't know yet. It stores messages in 'pure' ZODB format (that is,

[Zope] Almost Done.

2000-10-31 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Jason pondered: How do I get a TinyTable to display it's contents? All I find in the docs is !--in# tablename-- and that does not seem to work for me, unles I am lacking a tag? Try it like this: dtml-in tablename dtml-var fieldname1 dtml-var fieldname2br /dtml-in where tablename is the

[Zope-dev] DTML Entity Syntax, was (no subject)

2000-10-27 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Johann Loibl wonders: What does the following line means? href="dtml.url-mail_password_form; how to work with '' ? This means to substitue the value stored in the variable "mail_password_form" as an "absolute URL". It's known as "DTML Entity Syntax". Check out:

RE: [Zope] More ZFormulator

2000-10-27 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Steve asked: What version of ZFormulator are you running (and in what version of Zope?) I just tried ZFormulator-0.2 with Zope-2.2.2 and it seemed to work OK. Maybe it doesn't work with older zopes? Oops, I should know better by now, than to ask for help without including the details.

[Zope] More ZFormulator

2000-10-27 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Again, It turns out that the problems I was seeing are related to the Proxy Layers that are in place to keep our IntraNet safe. ZFormulator doesn't work at all when I bypass the Proxy entirely, only works partially when the Proxy is invited to play, and only works fully when the directories

[Zope] RE: More ZFormulator

2000-10-27 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Steve says: Found it: line 312: Form.py should be: __roles__ = ('Manager',) Thanks Steve! Steve's motto is, "We don't need no stinkin' Docs!". BTW, we disagree about this . . . ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Zope] ZFormulator

2000-10-25 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Martijn, and Zope Fans, I'm using ZFormulator and having problems with permissions on Zope v.2. The sign-on dialog pops-up when a user attempts to edit a form, but the correct name and password are rejected. Has anyone found a little detail that needs tweking to get past this one?

[Zope-dev] (no subject)

2000-10-23 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Name Hunters, My problem with Zopelet is that it already has a meaning, at least to me. Looking down the road, not nearly as far as one might imagine, let's see where we may be heading. Think about minimal Zope instances running on Palm Gizmos, Cell Phones, whatever, a sort of personal

[Zope-dev] Task, Job or Operation?

2000-10-23 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Sorry for the duplicate post, forgot the subject. :) Hi Name Hunters, My problem with Zopelet is that it already has a meaning, at least to me. Looking down the road, not nearly as far as one might imagine, let's see where we may be heading. Think about minimal Zope instances running on Palm

[Zope] RE: Acquisitive

2000-10-23 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Steve wrote: I'm guessing the the problem is that dtml-xxx; does an implicit "html_quote" format on whatever expression you provide.. so table dtml-set_table_0; should produce: table border=quot;0quot; cellpadding=quot;0quot; cellspacing=quot;0quot; Which the browser doesn't

[Zope] Acquisitive

2000-10-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Zope Fans, I ran into an odd quirk today, and I'm hoping someone has an insight to share. There is a simple text string stored as a DTML Method, with ID = "set_table_0", e.g.: 'border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"' When set_table_0 is in the Zope root folder, it isn't

[Zope] Acquisitiver and Acquisitiver

2000-10-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
OK, now I'm really confused. I stumbled on a way to make the DTML Method work, that is, the one that wasn't being found before, via Acquisition. All I have to do is forget to add the terminating ';' in : table dtml-set_table_0; so that it looks like so: table

[Zope] Python/Perl methods?

2000-10-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Oliver asked: I've been looking at that new book's draft on the Zope website and I'm wondering what chapter 7 is talking about. Where in Zope can I find a "restricted Python method" or a "restricted Perl method"? I've never seen those. Does anyone know, please? Keep in mind that the Zope

[Zope] Variable name use in with statement

2000-10-13 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Scott Butchill wonders if: "there is a simpler way to do this." Not much simpler, but how about: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('user_select', ['walkon', 'fullhouse'])" dtml-with bid_records dtml-in user_select dtml-if "_.str(REQUEST.form['selection']) == _['sequence-item']" dtml-with

[Zope] Q: Advantages of storing ZODB in RDBMS

2000-10-13 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Daniel asked: "Can anyone explain what the advantages are of using an RDBMS for Zope object storage over the standard file system storage?" The folks I know that have asked for that feature have stated their concerns as being: Keeping everything in a single large file is risky,

[Zope-dev] A good collaboration 'partner' ? Was: ZPatterns design questions

2000-10-07 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Steve, and fellow ZPatterns Wannabees, As to the sorts of things most of us need to keep track of that could tie into a simple "ToDo" List, so far we've seen suggestions for an Address Book and Deliverables. The first sounds kind of like a Contact List to me, or maybe an Ownership or

[Zope-dev] Trying to catch up - what are the best Zope tools today?

2000-10-05 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Itai asked: "I started reading about ZPatterns but I still can't get my head around it... I'm wondering if I should try to learn it fast enough for this project, or stick to what I already know. What in people's experience is the typical learning curve for ZPatterns? How much am I going

[Zope] FYI: Python product tutorial updated

2000-10-02 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Brian, Regarding: I'd be very interested to hear any ideas you folks have on ways to help "make simple things simple" for development and to allow people to deal with complexity only as they begin to need it... One of the features the stands when a newbies starts poking around at

[Zope-dev] XHTML Templates comments from the peanut gallery

2000-09-28 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Paul Everitt wrote: o Allow those presentation tools to work by having well-formed markup (e.g. no separation into header and footer) to which Chris Withers replied: Hmmm... I wonder how refactoring, which _header and _footer were really useful for, will happen now... The most

[Zope-dev] XHTML Templates comments from the peanut gallery

2000-09-28 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Chris Withers writes: A **page** is the result of applying presentation to data in the object system. A page is a particular result of a URL when viewed under certain conditions. I'd like to add to this: components used to make up 'page's should not be URL-visible.

[Zope] String manipulation

2000-09-26 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
"how can I manage it to cut a string. for example: a string property (testtext) with 500 words. but only want to give out 20 characters of tis text." Python sequence slicing syntax can be done with DTML, like so: dtml-call "REQUEST.set('first_20_char', '_['some_long"string'][:20])" dtml-var

[Zope] Guess Who . . .

2000-09-25 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
. . . has a opening posted on their Web Site for a C/C++ programmer with Zope / Python experience? http://www-3.ibm.com/employment/us/empl/jofK23137.html Email Software Engineer (CA-K23137) Category: Software Location: CA Division: Other Divisions Work as a part of a small team

[Zope] DTML Loop, is there a 'continue'?

2000-09-22 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Zope Fans, I'm about searched out trying to find any discussion about calling a normal "continue" statement, as in Python, from DTML. Any ideas? I just want to short circuit a dtml-in loop for one pass, and then finish the rest of the loop, based on a parameter. Thanks, Jerry S.

[Zope] Close your eyes . . .

2000-09-21 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
and pretend that Zope can do this today! http://standardbrains.editthispage.com/ This is where we're headed with DAV, XML / DOM, Zope Studio, etc. Sorry the demo only works (today) with MS IE v. 5+. If you can get to a desktop with this installed, it is such a trip to swipe some

[Zope-dev] HiperDOM xmlc

2000-09-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
There are a few things I'm trying to understand about the xmlc-like Templates proposal. First : "Using specialized webdesigners with Zope project has been one of the biggest pains in Zope development; we have to take the sometimes ugly code generated by the tools they use, usually clean it up,

[Zope] RE: Looking for Zope vs. Others at-a-glance comparison

2000-09-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
-Original Message- From: Richard Moon [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 11:43 AM To: Spicklemire, Jerry; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: Looking for Zope vs. Others at-a-glance comparison Perhaps there should be someone producing an 'approved' list of products

[Zope-dev] HiperDOM xmlc

2000-09-17 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Zope Gurus, After looking over all the HiperDOM / xmlc stuff I think I'm starting to "get it". I'll just summarize the things that ring especially true for me, with some comments Re. letting HTML "Page" Designers use familiar tools: "Note that XMLC depends on legal HTML/XML markup that will

[Zope] Looking for Zope vs. Others at-a-glance comparison

2000-09-12 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Richard Moon says: Zope offers the potential to be the perfect development environment with tons of really good solutions off the shelf - these can be customised if they have to, we can drop down to Python if we really need to. Perfect. Unfortunately its been difficult to get discussions like

[Zope] Re. Advice for new zope installation

2000-08-28 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Henk Schets wonders: - how easy and reliably can I manage my virtual hosts (about 8 sites right now) ? Very important. The SiteAccess product contributed by Evan Simpson is a popular solution. http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/SiteAccess2 - how stable is Zope regarding to

[Zope] Simple(?) Syntax Question (dtml-in)

2000-08-25 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Tim asked: I want to only provide the first item of each list in this SELECT: You can use Python "slice" syntax, where the first item of a sequence (index position 0), is indicated like: listname[0] try: dtml-in valid_prj dtml-call "REQUEST.set('val_prj_seq_item', _['sequence-item'][0])"

[Zope] FW: Simple(?) Syntax Question (dtml-in)

2000-08-25 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Actually, there are some extraneous "" in the prior post. Here's a corrected version: dtml-in valid_prj dtml-call "REQUEST.set('val_prj_seq_item', _['sequence-item'][0])" OPTION value="dtml-val_prj_seq_item;"dtml-var val_prj_seq_item/OPTION /dtml-in I also should have mentioned that this

[Zope] Re. Linux and ODBC

2000-08-24 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Folks, Just to follow up on the plan to test ODBC Socket Server. We now have a working copy resident on a NT test system here, which enables us to ship queries across the LAN from Unix / Linux land to hit against Windows Native (ODBC) data stores, and get back datasets as XML. So far, it

[Zope] Re. Generic Workflow Products?

2000-08-23 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Cary wrote: come to the realization that many applications boil down to workflow management. The ZPatterns project the Phil Eby and Ty Sarna are running is intended to lay the groundwork for just what you want. They call it "SWARM", and if memory serves, the "W" is for "Workflow".

[Zope] Microsoft SQL Server Access under Linux?

2000-08-23 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Darin asked: Is it possible to access an ODBC data source through Zope running under Linux? I'm getting ready to test such a solution this week. First, we'll try : ODBC Socket Server http://odbc.linuxave.net/ and the accompanying Python Client. This will require some coding, and

[Zope] Amazing Disappearing Self

2000-08-17 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Zope Fans, Has anyone seen a case where acquisition works, but only in the topmost folder? The site I'm working on shows no problem on a test server, but upon moving to a production server any URL pointing to a subfolder, or a document contained in a subfolder returns an error (below).


2000-08-16 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Greetings Zope Fans, There is a value included in "REQUEST" called HTTP_ACCEPT. Is there a way within Zope to reset this value? The default seems to be "*/*", but our sysadmin says Zope would get along better if we can change it to include the alias that Zope has been assigned by our Proxy

[Zope] Multiple record input into Postgresql

2000-08-10 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
William wrote: inserts to a variable, say x1, into a postgresql table. However, there is an additional variable, x2 that would have to be only entered once and would be the same for every record for which a different x1 is entered. it seems the dtml-in should do this. Assign the

[Zope] Upload on a local File System

2000-08-08 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Francois wrote: Hi, I d like to upload on a Local File System. I would like to use a form, choose a file and i d like that Zope upload the file on the LocalFS. I ve met some troubles, could you help me? See Jonathan Farr's LocalFS product, which now (since v.0.8.1) allows file uploads to the

[Zope] Less than helpful traceback

2000-08-04 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Folks, Any thoughts about how to find out what the erro message (below) means? If I could just find out what exactly is not being found, it would help alot, but there's no hint. Thanks for any thoughts, Jerry S. Zope has encountered an error while publishing this resource. Resource not

[Zope] Your feedback: what should DateTime strftime() behavior be?

2000-07-25 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
+1 ___ Zope maillist - [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope ** No cross posts or HTML encoding! ** (Related lists - http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-announce http://lists.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope-dev )

[Zope] Reversing acquisition?

2000-07-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Ramalho wrote: """ - Containment: Search the object, then its container, then the container's container, and so on. Ignore objects not in this chain. - Context: Search the objects in precisely the reverse of the order in which they were mentioned, so "A.B.C.D" is always searched in the order

[Zope] RE: Reversing acquisition?

2000-07-20 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
ate, other "B" objects in other chains could define the color scheme for the all the objects ("pages") in the parent folder. That's context. -Original Message- From: Luciano Ramalho [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 1:23 PM To: Spicklemire, Jerry S

[Zope] Date time format

2000-07-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
The DTML User Guide has an "Appendix A" that shows lot's of options, but no examples. Anyhow, see: http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Guides/DTML-HTML/DTML.18.html You can use these like so: dtml-var ZopeTime fmt=="%Y/%m/%d" dtml-var ZopeTime fmt=="AMPM"

[Zope] RE: Date time format

2000-07-19 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Oops! Change those "==" to just single "=". Too much Python on the brain . . . -Original Message----- From: Spicklemire, Jerry Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 12:15 PM To: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Cc: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Subject: Date time format The DTML User Gu

[Zope] File referencing and LocalFS

2000-07-05 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Rogerio 1)Folders names are directly related to string fields in a MySQL database which use spaces between words (eg New York), but folders names don't use spaces (eg NewYork). How can I skip spaces from database fields to make them refer to these folders (eg New York -- NewYork)? I

RE: [Zope] File referencing and LocalFS

2000-07-05 Thread Spicklemire, Jerry
Hi Marco, From: Marco Mariani [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Subject: Re: [Zope] File referencing and LocalFS foldername = string.join(colname, '') using a "blank" ('') between each string, in other words, with no delimiter. Maybe you meant foldername =