I have a flat grid which is enveloped so it folds into a paperplane. Before the 
envelope op I have a push operator which bends the paper between each folding 
edge using a weight map so it does not push folding edges. This provides the 
slightly bent surfaces you will see on a real paperplane.

This looks pretty much like what I want, but I would just like to add a bit of 
thickness to the paper, and here comes the trouble.

I can't add thickness to the grid without breaking the envelope or crashing XSI 
dependant on which thickness op I use.

So I have copied the grid and added thickness, then want to use the first grid 
as cage deformer. This works fine too, but for some reason the deformed object 
is not deformed by the push op on the cage geo. I have tried moving the cage op 
from modeling to animation stack, but still no go.

I dont understand why it does not work in the first place, but that aside, does 
anyone here know a fix or workaround?


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