Thanks.. just to be clear..
MUSICIP / MusicMagicServer is not a part of LMS, it is a standalone
server that runs headless and receives requests to serve up mixes via
TCPIP to port 10002 [default].  It is 10+ years old and no longer
maintained - what is out there is as good as it gets. I don't think it
is Perl.  There is one binary (plus one ini file, and one cache of music

It needs to be started prior LMS, then if the LMS MUSICIP plugin (which
is Perl) is active, LMS sends requests to localhost:10002 for mixes
[localhost is hardcoded in the plugin).  

So are you saying that a normal 32bit binary will run ok if I install
Optware-NG?  Again, to be clear, LMS does not need to run in 32bit, so
if I just install Optware-NG will it break the 64bit version of LMS that
is already installed?  I am thinking just to install Optware-NG and fire
up Musicip independently of LMS.

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