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> On 08/03/2009 03:15 PM, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
>> Martin Feitag wrote:
> ...
>>>> I uninstalled and installed many times all weekend and today but was
>>>> never able to get it to prompt me for the import wizard. It always went
>>>> straight to the Profile Manager. Of course I can add all 8 profiles
>>>> there manually but that sucks. Each profile has it's own in-box and
>>>> newsgroups.
>>> So have you tried to use
>>> "C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -P "SM2profile" -migration
>>> as suggested?
>>> <>
>>> regards
>>> Martin
>> Yes, I did try that, many times. It worked once but after the first 
>> time, it sends me directly to the Profile Manager. It no longer gets me 
>> to the Import Wizard no matter what I try.
> What does 'Tools|Import' bring up? That should bring up the import
> wizard. If it does not show the other profiles, then the issue is that
> you have them on 'F' and SM most likely doesn't know how to go and find
> them.

Seamonkey should look where the profile is by looking where SM1 stored
the profile not by guessing the location to the default one.
I always have my profile on a D: drive and the migration found it, too.
(although I hve to admit I didn't start the migration wizard manually to
import several profiles like that)


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