On 08/13/09 17:10, chicagofan wrote:
> I apparently never checked the SMTP with the *Edit* function.  However, 
> this just gets more bizarre.  Both SM versions have Port 25 in the box 
> [and beside it, locked in, Default  25].  And as the Error message is 
> saying... there is a name and password shown for authentication.
> Now tell me why my old mail program is working with identical settings? 
>    Never mind, I just changed the Port to 0, and removed the 
> authentication on the new program, and it sent that one message.  :)

The port should be 25. What SeaMonkey is doing is using the Default
port (25) when you don't set one - and it assumes a setting of zero
means you want to use the default.

Just to save confusion later, you should set the port number to 25.
> Thanks to everyone who has been patiently helping me!
> bj

Glad you got it working.
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