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I also e-mailed to and waited for the replies from both from it and online form. I got an e-mail reply:
Thank you for using FedEx Online Support. In answer to your question, I'm
   sorry for the inconvenience but Fedex does not support Mozilla's
   SeaMonkey's Web so please try another browser.

   Thank you for choosing FedEx.
   Linda Simonton
   FedEx Technical Support

They hate us and don't care. :(

You're contradicting yourself. ;-)

If they hate us, that proves they do care. My guess is they don't care.

But it's poor customer relations to tell the customer to go out of his way to use our service, that it's /his/ job to figure out how to make the relationship work. That's how you lose customers.

Back in the sixties, we got that from the phone company: "We're the phone company, we don't have to care." In the eighties, it was Microsoft. AT&T broke up, and M$ has softened a bit. Maybe FedEx will be next. ;-)

Yeah? But there's a new AT&T and they seem to have the same attitude!
Bellsouth provided news services and email as a part of their ISP
offering. But they claimed that the news service was a freebie extra (???). Then Bellsouth was bought up by the new AT&T.
First the new AT&T dropped the news binary groups. The pretext was
PORN. But the drop included all news groups with 'binary' as a level
in the newsgroup name even if the group was chartered to be for
software. The benefit for the company, unstated, of course was the
economies in disk space and traffic.
Next they farmed the email out to Yahoo. This eliminated any ability
to ask technical support.
Third they have dropped all news group services.

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