D. K. Kraft schrieb:
> A) Password manager multiple requests -- I currently use a Master Password
> with SM 1.1.18, set for "If it has not been used for [10] minutes or
> longer," and it works as expected, with necessary requests being made within
> those parameters for needed passwords on a web page or for mail access.  SM
> 2.0RC1 makes what appear to be random requests that have nothing to do with
> actually supplying a password, including a request at start-up of only the
> browser, and it doesn't appear to honor the above timeout settings.  This is
> becoming *very* annoying, and from a scan of Bugzilla, there still is no fix
> in the works.  What up w' dat, peeps?

Do you have Mail Biff notification activated?
Preference "Only check for new mail after opening Mail&Newsgroups" set?

> C) Mail and News default view -- in 1.1.18, mail/news starts up opened to my 
> default mail account Inbox folder in the left pane, showing the folder 
> contents in right pane.  2.0RC1 opens up to the main e-mail title in the
> left pane, thus showing the general settings for e-mail and specific options
> for the account (Email, Accounts, Advanced Features).  While the behavior of
> 2.0RC1 may be beneficial if a user has multiple e-mail accounts, the behavior
> of 1.1.18 is preferable if a user only has one account and one Inbox.  Is
> there a means to modify 2.0RC1's behavior to be like 1.1.18's, or is this a
> reflection of the shift to Toolkit and just something I'll have to put up
> with?  

Strg+2 shows the Inbox of the default mail account here.
Preference "Remember the last selected message" unset?
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