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A) Password manager multiple requests -- I currently use a Master
Password with SM 1.1.18, set for "If it has not been used for [10]
minutes or longer," and it works as expected, with necessary requests
being made within those parameters for needed passwords on a web page
or for mail access.  SM 2.0RC1 makes what appear to be random requests
that have nothing to do with actually supplying a password, including
a request at start-up of only the browser, and it doesn't appear to
honor the above timeout settings.  This is becoming *very* annoying,
and from a scan of Bugzilla, there still is no fix in the works.  What
up w' dat, peeps?

How often do you actually check for mail? Note that the default for 2.0
is that it checks for mail even though you have not opened the main mail
window yet. The request at start-up is to work around a bug where if
start with multiple tabs or mail accounts that need a password then you
get multiple prompts for the master password, but it can be disabled.

I have both 1.1.18 and 2.0 set to "Check for new messages on startup"
currently.  However, wouldn't the pref for 2.0, under Mail & Newsgroups |
General Settings, "Only check for new mail after opening Mail &
Newsgroups," override the need for the password request when only starting
the browser?   Obviously this isn't the behavior I'm seeing, but logically,
it would be expected IMO.

B) Offline and Disk Space setting -- although SM 2.0RC1 honors the
setting to "Ask me for online state at startup," it a) brings up a
second dialog box after clicking on either option, and has to be
clicked on again to start the program in either mode; and b) the
dialog box is accompanied by the Default Beep sound assigned by Win XP.

I have to say, I haven't tried this setting. In fact, I'd forgotten that
it was there.

Upon creation of a new test profile for 2.0 RC1, I'm not seeing the
behavior described in b) except sporadically, without any real rhyme or
reason.  Behavior described in a) still persists, and looks like it is
default program behavior.  Can learn to live with it, but a little annoying
all the same.

BTW, this option is useful for checking e-mail messages without actually
going online and waiting for mail to download.  Small timesaver, but
still useful.

C) Mail and News default view -- in 1.1.18, mail/news starts up opened
to my default mail account Inbox folder in the left pane, showing the
folder contents in right pane.  2.0RC1 opens up to the main e-mail
title in the left pane, thus showing the general settings for e-mail
and specific options for the account (Email, Accounts, Advanced

This should depend on the "check for new mail at startup" preference for
your default account. (Although we should have imported that from your
old profile.)

Ah-ha!  On 1.1.18 I have it set for "Check for new messages at startup" and
then "Check for new messages every 10 minutes."  I unchecked the first
option in 2.0 for testing purposes, but ticking that checkbox makes 2.0
behave as expected--it jumps right to the Inbox.  Yeah!  One item solved.
(happy happy) :D

Many thanks for getting one item back to my comfort zone --
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