D. K. Kraft wrote:
With patience akin to a cat's, chicagofan, on 10/17/2009 12:20 PM typed:

I don't know what differences there were in 1.1.18 and 1.1.14, but
hopefully we're both overlooking something that will make your mail open
and display as you want.  I haven't looked at the profile manager in years,
could it have a way to designate this choice now?  Sorry I don't have the
answer you need. bj

Thanks for your reply.  Neil found that the display of the Inbox upon
starting Mail&  Newsgroups was dependent upon having the pref "Check for new
messages at startup" ticked.  Since I'd unticked it in 2.0 for testing,
rechecking it did the trick.

One item down, a few others to go --

AH... so simple!  I was hoping it was something that easy, but just couldn't
help.  Glad you've got one down now, thanks to Neil.
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