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D. K. Kraft wrote:
C) Mail and News default view -- in 1.1.18, mail/news starts up opened
to my default mail account Inbox folder in the left pane, showing the folder
contents in right pane.  2.0RC1 opens up to the main e-mail title in the left 
thus showing the general settings for e-mail and specific options for the 
(Email, Accounts, Advanced Features).

<further snippage>

I can't tell you how to resolve this problem, but I can give you hope.  I was
using RC1, with an import of SM 1.1.14 on a Win XP2 system, and I still had the
Inbox display that you want.  Also have it now with RC2.

I do have 2 accounts set up, but never use one of them.  It seems long ago I
selected the account I use, to open, or be the default, or something, but I 
find a setting like that now.  Probably didn't look long enough.  :)

I don't know what differences there were in 1.1.18 and 1.1.14, but hopefully
we're both overlooking something that will make your mail open and display as
you want.  I haven't looked at the profile manager in years, could it have a way
to designate this choice now?  Sorry I don't have the answer you need.

Thanks for your reply.  Neil found that the display of the Inbox upon
starting Mail & Newsgroups was dependent upon having the pref "Check for
new messages at startup" ticked.  Since I'd unticked it in 2.0 for testing,
rechecking it did the trick.

One item down, a few others to go --
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