D. K. Kraft wrote:

With patience akin to a cat's, Neil, on 10/17/2009 12:28 PM typed:

The request at start-up is to work around a bug where if start with multiple tabs or mail accounts that need a password then you get multiple prompts for the master password, but it can be disabled.

I have both 1.1.18 and 2.0 set to "Check for new messages on startup" currently. However, wouldn't the pref for 2.0, under Mail & Newsgroups | General Settings, "Only check for new mail after opening Mail & Newsgroups," override the need for the password request when only starting the browser?

No, because as I pointed out, the presence of password-protected websites in multiple tabs can trigger the same problem. If you are sure you don't need the master password when you start up you can disable it via about:config (we didn't have time to add it to the preferences window).

Upon creation of a new test profile for 2.0 RC1, I'm not seeing the behavior described in b) except sporadically, without any real rhyme or reason.

Oh, there's a reason all right ;-) I'll file a bug on it.

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