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The request at start-up is to work around a bug where if start with multiple tabs or mail accounts that need a password then you get multiple prompts for the master password, but it can be disabled.

I have both 1.1.18 and 2.0 set to "Check for new messages on startup" currently. However, wouldn't the pref for 2.0, under Mail & Newsgroups | General Settings, "Only check for new mail after opening Mail & Newsgroups," override the need for the password request when only starting the browser?

No, because as I pointed out, the presence of password-protected websites in multiple tabs can trigger the same problem. If you are sure you don't need the master password when you start up you can disable it via about:config (we didn't have time to add it to the preferences window).

Is there some reason why everyone is trying to do something else annoying when the SM1.1.xx behavior, to ask only when the MP was needed and do it only once (unless the timeout option was specified), was highly satisfactory? Is it because no one can remember how it was done, or because people believe that the new behavior is better somehow? I already see test users suggesting that the MP should be eliminated to avoid bad behavior, and that's a really bad idea.

In other words, is the goal to eventually return to the 1.1.xx behavior, or are we stuck with various less-satisfactory alternatives?

Upon creation of a new test profile for 2.0 RC1, I'm not seeing the behavior described in b) except sporadically, without any real rhyme or reason.

Oh, there's a reason all right ;-) I'll file a bug on it.

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