Jens Hatlak wrote:
On 10/19/2009 6:54 PM Bill Davidsen wrote:
Is there some reason why everyone is trying to do something else annoying when the SM1.1.xx behavior, to ask only when the MP was needed and do it only once (unless the timeout option was specified), was highly satisfactory?

The new behavior is not what we want but what we got when switching to the new backend. That backend switch was needed for a variety of reasons (one being that no-one maintained/understood the old one well enough) and had many other implications beside the above regression.

Is it because no one can remember how it was done, or because people believe that the new behavior is better somehow?

No, it is because the real solution was not ready in time (and still is not). AFAIK TB 3.0 will have the same issues (and if not the relevant changes will probably be included in the next SM 2.0.x minor release after that).

In other words, is the goal to eventually return to the 1.1.xx behavior,


or are we stuck with various less-satisfactory alternatives?

Only for the time being (SM 2.0 at least).



I haven't posted in SM Group for about two years except one exception a week or two at the request of another party and asking questions - because I was more or less run off because I answered question in the point of view on a Mac User. Before I decided to silence myself, I was Regular contributor all the way back to Netscape Navigator 3.0.1 a Gold.

I breaking from that self imposed silence to make a comment or two about SM2.

The first is I won't switch completely switch until QuoteColors is updated to work with it.

The second I don't know whether is a Bug or an annoyance. I have a Master Password set. And when the password window comes up its dead I can not type in Password. I have to cancel it at which time It comes back this time its active and I can type it in.

And I find each time I switch to a new RC versions, that I have to cancel it two or more times when I replace one version, with a new version.

And the window in SM 1.x was adjustable in that you could move its position. on the screen. SM2 It dead center. and can not be repositioned.

I will follow this thread, but comment no more.

Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.    "If it's Fixed, Don't Break it" 
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