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On 10/19/2009 04:10 PM, Phillip Jones wrote:

The second I don't know whether is a Bug or an annoyance. I have a
Master Password set. And when the password window comes up its dead
I can not type in Password. I have to cancel it at which time It
comes back this time its active and I can type it in.
I hadn't experienced this previously, so on a test VirtualBox install

Except Phillip is using a Mac, and dialogs behave... weirdly. Are
there any other Mac users having problems entering their master password?

I'm using a Mac.

After installing SeaMonkey 2.0:

- the box requesting my master password kept popping up (I can't recall
setting one by the way)

- boxes popped up for all my email account passwords, after entering
them, I could see my mail, but SeaMonkey was putting up extra Draft,
Sent, etc. folders

- the master password box kept getting in the way of things, and I
couldn't get out of SeaMonkey without a forced quit

Needless to say, I've reverted to Seamonkey 1.x and all is working again.

Also, needless to say, I'm not willing to do a hard reset on the master
password and lose all my passwords, cookies, etc.

Rather a problem.


I'm using Mac and had the same problem.
I just set my master password to '' (empty) and none of my password, cookie,... was deleted. It just stop to ask Master pwd!

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