Robert Kaiser wrote:
Phillip Jones wrote:
Developers never, ever, ever, ever listen to end users.

Then it's good that SeaMonkey is being developed by users.

Classifying people who code as users, just because they do use the code they write is avoiding the issue, don't you think. And the set of people who can not only *write* code, but get it *accepted* is smaller yet. Seamonkey is not like the Linux kernel, where a patch can be posted, people will test it, and it is likely to be accepted if it works and does something useful.

Or did you complain that different users have different opinions about what they want?

No, I think the complaint is lack of option to do things in a way people other than developers find productive. I don't listen very hard to complaints about default settings, they can be tuned. But forcing one mode of operation by everyone because a developer likes it does seem to be pretty elitist. Particularly when something used to work one way and no developer can say that "someone would have to write and test that code," and the code was working for years on previous Seamonkey.

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