Benoit Renard wrote:
Phillip Jones wrote:
Tabs waste resources. Each page in a tab as cache and use memory to
store. While I have 2 GB Memory in current Laptop with today's web
pages that can be easily filled up is I have a bunch of Tabs open.

What are you talking about? I only have 160 MB of RAM, and I can easily use a bunch of tabs without running out of physical memory. Maybe your problem is Flash or Java, not tabs themselves.

Separate windows use even more resources. Or are you saying that you use one window all the time?

Yes. I have set up unless the website doesn't allow for it, set so that the window used is the same window, but the contents is replaced by the contents of the updated information. Some websites open new windows and I'd like to smack the back of their hand (of the designer) for doing so.

Its like a slide show or PP presentation (sort of).

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