Bill Davidsen wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Phillip Jones wrote:
Developers never, ever, ever, ever listen to end users.

Then it's good that SeaMonkey is being developed by users.

Classifying people who code as users, just because they do use the code
they write is avoiding the issue, don't you think.

Looks like you haven't understand open source work, then.

Seamonkey is not like the Linux kernel, where a patch can be posted,
people will test it, and it is likely to be accepted if it works and
does something useful.

That's just wrong. You just need to go through Bugzilla, but else it's pretty much the same. Oh, and we enforce code quality by requiring reviews, while Linux people might just pull in patches without looking at them a real lot, from what I understand. That's why some drivers are that "stable". (Don't mistake me, I love using Linux.) I might have misunderstood their process, though. I'm pretty sure things get lost on a mailing list much more often than in Bugzilla.

Robert Kaiser
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