Troed Sångberg wrote:
You asked what is needed for general acceptance of Freenet, I replied.

And I disagreed.

I've advocated Freenet for a long time along my peers (I'm a professional Software Engineer, specialising in crypto/security issues) - and trying to get people to visit links to http://localhost:8888 isn't working.

Just how are you trying to get people to visit such links? Verbally? If so, I suspect that it might not be the "http://localhost:8888/"; part of the URL that puts them off, but rather the "[EMAIL PROTECTED],UUleYfXnBfLThNmkB8dACg" part might be the bit with which they are having trouble. freenet:xxx URLs won't change that, but they will introduce a world of pain.

Freenet URLs are much more likely to be given to people in hyperlink form, in which case the actual form of the URL isn't particularly relevant. The whole freenet:xxx thing is purely cosmetic.


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