"[EMAIL PROTECTED],UUleYfXnBfLThNmkB8dACg" part might be the bit with which they are having trouble. freenet:xxx URLs won't change that, but they will introduce a world of pain.
Freenet URLs are much more likely to be given to people in hyperlink form, in which case the actual form of the URL isn't particularly relevant. The whole freenet:xxx thing is purely cosmetic.

Except that you also have to mandate that everyone uses localhost:8888 and not everyone can. Some people will want to use proxies, others will want to use a different port.

Standardising on a freenet: hyperlink is just an obvious thing to do. It would also make freesite pages saved to disk work more reliably if passed around.

I say go for it, but the way to do it is for the plugins to be done as separate projects and their releases included as a part of a freenet distribution if a stable one ever happens.

Does anyone have any decent docs on netscape plugin architecture?

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