According to Ian Clarke,
> As the developers work hard to improve the core operation of Freenet, it 
> can be easy to forget about the more superficial, but equally important 
> aspects of Freenet, namely installation procedures, and usability for 
> newbies.
> For those intimately familiar with Freenet's operation it can be 
> difficult to look at Freenet's operation from the perspective of someone 
> new to the software, and often something that seems minor and trivial to 
> a core developer, might have a significant impact on a new user's view 
> of the software.
> So, this email is an invitation to anyone that has constructive 
> criticism or suggestion's for how Freenet's "first impression" can be 
> enhanced.  Topics include installation, FProxy, even the website's layout.

Installing 'freenet://' URL as a helper for popular browsers,
automatcially, with the installation of freenet.  Not as a
plug-in for every known browser, but at least the mailcap
files (that way standards-based browsers will Just Work).

Opening up the JVM requirements so it's not so complicated
to get the infrastructure needed to get freenet going.

Get Debian maintainer to update the freenet .debs (even
freenet-unstable is obsolete and broken) and fix the
dependencies it so it will Just Work (i.e. without complicated 
JVM requirements).  This would make Freenet available to the
likes of Lindows users.

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