On Friday 31 October 2003 07:37, Ian Clarke wrote:

> So, this email is an invitation to anyone that has constructive
> criticism or suggestion's for how Freenet's "first impression" can be
> enhanced.  Topics include installation, FProxy, even the website's layout.
> Ian.

The splitfile interface provides a useful measure of progress or at least 
continued activity. How about something to give users a little feedback while 
other key types are being retrieved? 

Browsers generally provide some kind of indication of progress, but some just 
lie (IE)  and if there's no progress in bytes retrieved, many users new to 
Freenet will likely assume nothing is happening and either try another key or 
give up even though productive activity is happening behind the scenes.

My host here has about 80MB of data constantly queued for transmission over 
100 or more connections sharing a 15kB uplink. I find myself wondering who 
will wait for any of this to arrive and how much of this queue will actually 
arrive at a client instead of being aborted.

I suspect such failed attempts probably degrade the overall network 
performance a bit, so a progress indicator might help the network as a whole 
by reducing accesses truncated due to impatience. 

Good on you for asking for suggestions!

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