On Friday 31 October 2003 12:54 pm, Doug Bostrom wrote:
> The splitfile interface provides a useful measure of progress or at least
> continued activity. How about something to give users a little feedback
> while other key types are being retrieved?
> Browsers generally provide some kind of indication of progress, but some
> just lie (IE)  and if there's no progress in bytes retrieved, many users
> new to Freenet will likely assume nothing is happening and either try
> another key or give up even though productive activity is happening behind
> the scenes.

Why not feed the site through the filter dynamically and once some is 
filtered, send it out to the browser?
Before there's anything even to filter, it could say, like, "mapfile 
retrieved", "DBR root retrieved", although this would tend to confuse 
newbies. Maybe we need to ship some good documentation available directly 
from FProxy.
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